Family is the key aspect of any child’s life. Having a loving, caring, and understanding family can help one evolve and be their best self. Regardless of the species, a family is a natural occurrence. No matter the heights we reach or places we go, our family always holds a special place. There is only one way to cherish the ultimate essence of a family, and that is to make the best of our time together.

Togetherness stimulates feelings of mutual trust, safety, and warmth. These emotions are essential for any child to achieve developmental milestones. The tallest trees grow to great heights only because they have strong and deep roots. Plants and trees with short roots that don’t run deep can be easily plucked and withered. The bond that a family carries acts like these roots, the stronger the bond, the greater the capacity of growth the child can reach and achieve.

What is family time?

Nowadays with a sharp rise in digitalization, even when we are in the presence of our loved ones, we are still away from them. Such time spent barely counts as it is merely out of duty and routine. Just like every month we take out time to plan and buy groceries to meet our needs, we must try to take out time and plan different ways to spend time with our family, to meet our emotional needs which are often neglected.

In corporate meetings, we discuss ways to enhance and improve facilities to perform better and ensure that employees’ needs are met. Evolving is an essential part of life at every stage and so is it for the family structure as well. Just as we give in our all to analyze different perspectives in these meetings, this is one practice that we must add to family values as well. Family time does involve fun and vacations, but it is not limited to that, a family needs to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let us look at ways we can constructively spend time with our family and make it memorable.

Once a lady was narrating a memory of her childhood where her father made it a point to take the kids to the beach, and he would ask them to find shells. The kids always left with their hands full of shells and hearts full of happiness, but it was only now that she realized that it was her father who used to secretly collect and bury the shells not very deep, so the kids could collect them.

This effort that the man put consistently was just for the pure happiness of his kids. When the family believes that a child can achieve anything, it is only through the faith and confidence instilled in them that they put effort and succeed with great results.

• No phone zone: If not once a day, at least once a week the entire family must sit down together and shut down all devices and gadgets. This allows presence of mind and builds a sense of calm. It also teaches the value of respecting a person’s presence.

• Koffee with kids: Well, we often complain about not knowing what our kids are up to. The only way to get through this issue is through communication. The more time you give your kids the better you understand them, and this has to be done patiently without judgments or harsh corrections, giving them a safe space to open up about anything and everything.

• Be a mirror: It’s their time to explore and learn, so instead of forcing things onto them you can join them in activities they like doing and figure out what skills are easy for them. Be a mirror and do what they like for a change, get onto the field, and follow their instructions as well. You will be stunned at the leadership skills they present when you start working hand in hand.

• Fun and frolic: Family time is incomplete without fun activities. Explore places you can visit together and play games that are enjoyed by all. Living in the moment is what brings happiness and live these moments with your family. You kids will follow the same when they grow up and hold on to these bonds with every generation.

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