Many adults prefer to perceive that children do not notice what is happening around them or that they do not identify the minor changes in their immediate environment. However, even though young children do not have the ability to understand many things, it really makes them more curious and anxious when they observe a change around them, more so when it affects their sense of safety.

The pandemic has created a stir in most of our lives, but the silent sufferers of this turmoil are the children. The young minds are struggling to deal with changes that this pandemic has brought them, the disruption of normal activities like a sudden split from friends, not going to school, playground, and watching the changes in their parent’s mental health can have a direct impact on the kids.

Here are some of the most common reactions you are likely to notice in your toddler if they are under stress or are feeling anxious:

  • Sleep-cycle disruption
  • Having bad dreams
  • Temper-tantrums
  • Clingy behaviour
  • Increased crying and nagging
  • Troubled on being comforted

Following up on and protecting a child’s mental health is a challenging but extremely important task to execute during this Covid-19 situation. However, there are some ways that, if adopted religiously, can make this an easy task for both parents and caregivers.

Engaging in activities that creatively distract their minds from the Covid chaos is most likely to help. Activities like dance and music, Arts and crafts, Storytelling, gardening, etc. can be some happy things to do for them.

There are a lot of ways and means to protect and care for your child amidst this pandemic:

  1. As children can be the biggest health crusaders, parents or caregivers have to keep in mind the importance of hygiene practice and its role in disease prevention.
  2. Make sure the youngsters follow good respiratory hygiene at home and teach them to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Parents should keep in mind that they themselves have to maintain good hygiene as kids follow what they see.
  4. Parents should always focus on being positive.
  5. Don’t forget to laugh and enjoy the moment of quality time with the kids.
  6. Promote healthy eating habits at home and try to find out innovative and creative ways to encourage the consumption of homemade food.
  7. Try to listen to what they are indicating or trying to convey and parents should give their children the time and care in between their daily work.

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