The news these days is filled with all kinds of challenges and issues that kids have to face to feel included and accepted despite all their talents, efforts and grades. Who is to blame for this current predicament? We are all held accountable. With everything changing and growing at the speed of light, some of us are still shadowed by a ridged thought process and are hesitant to adapt to change.

We do not miss out on any app updates or system updates, but do we remember the last time the education system or our teaching methods were updated? Not aptly, right? Granted, educational degrees are vital, but we need to deeply understand that they do not complete the picture. In most cases we are driven to pushing our kids towards success which to us means great education and a good job. Let us take a step back here and understand that despite all this success, we need the child to feel confident and happy for everything they have worked hard to achieve.

Understandably, with kids getting exposed to new environments and situations it is important for us to update our ways of learning and teaching. The needs of kids now are different from the needs we had when we were younger. Hence, it is time we adapt to the new way of learning that is SEL or Social-Emotional Learning.

What is Social-Emotional Learning? Do we need it?

In simple words, just as important as your math and science, SEL emphasizes social and emotional skills. We, humans, have lived through centuries and this has been possible with the existence of societies and communities. This leads to interactions and various relations that we need to maintain and develop. All of this is possible only when we are aware of ourselves and are capable enough to contribute to society without being judged.

So, SEL would be the right fit to succeed with the right mindset and attitude. Let us briefly look at the core proficiencies that SEL has for us:

• Self–awareness: This means having the ability to recognize one’s feelings by acknowledging them. Having a realistic understanding not only of the strengths but also our weaknesses is a must to progress and make better relations.
• Social – awareness: Apart from ourselves, being aware of what others feel with a good judgment of their perspectives allows us to positively interact and form relations. Being ignorant of others’ needs entitles us to be intolerant, but through SEL, we can learn tolerance which opens room for respect and acceptance.
• Self-Management: Being able to manage emotions and knowing when to step back is also a skill that facilitates timely action and encourages us to overcome setbacks.
• Responsible decision-making: This skill is such a life saver, be it in any field of life. Having a knack to assess risks and take actions that are in the best interest of all, considering all factors and consequences is a life skill. Decision-making induces personal responsibility which is a great asset.

You must be wondering how it is possible to engage or start these teachings and SEL learnings at a young age. Will children even be able to understand and use this knowledge?

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