How To Get Closer To Your Child?

Every parent wants to be at their best with their child around. To the majority of them, everything revolves around children. However, parenting is not easy and it takes incredible patience, understanding and trust.


You want to get closer to your child and that doesn’t simply happen by providing them with everything. It is not just about your presence, but what you do when you are around your little one matters the most.


Now, without further ado, let us jump into it and know what can help you come closer to your champion:


Start the day on a warm note

Children need a warm beginning to their day and if you can give them that, they will be your darling for the rest of the day. Snuggle when they wake up, make them comfortable and allow them to start their day peacefully. If you are dropping them to school or bus stop then just crack a joke or sing their favourite song along with them.

Listen to them

Pay attention to their concern and avoid brushing it aside. It does not matter how simple it is, address their issue. Let them realize that they are indeed important to you and that happens when you can understand them. Listening to your child will help you know what they are going through, which will help you score some brownie points.

Never judge

Children should never be judged and that is how it should stay. Never compare them with their peers and tell them that you love them without any strings attached. Just listen to what they have to say and stay away from assuming things. Judging will never build trust and without trust, your child will avoid opening up to you.

Make them feel special

Surprise them when they least expect it. You do not have to wait for their birthday or an event. Catch them off guard and make them feel special. A surprise does not just mean you have to give them expensive toys. It can be as simple as a warm hug or a kiss, a gentle tap on their back, a touch filled with affection and so on.

Be careful with your language

Words can be hurtful to children. Choose your words and ensure you never come across as a bad example to children at home. Telling your children to ‘use kind words’ instead of ‘behave yourself’ makes a lot of difference. You should understand that every word you speak to your child can have a strong impact on them. Have positive interactions and help them to be optimistic.

Spend quality time

Never be too busy for your child. Indulge in fun activities, listen to their stories, ask them how was their day at school, Talk about their hobbies and interests etc. Just flooding with the best of everything doesn’t help. Be there when they need you. Make them understand that they can count on you no matter what.

Give them space

Control your parental instincts and give them their space when they want. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. Of course, you always want them to be alright and be around them, but disengaging from them is also necessary to make them independent and learn new things.

You have to strike a balance with your child and be friendly with them. The key is to make them believe that they are special to you. Nothing needs to be extravagant and being genuine is what you have to do. Love them with all your heart and experience the beautiful bond with your little darling as a parent, friend and a guide.