Festivals bring families together and spread happiness and cheer every time. With growing nuclear habitations in families, it’s highly necessary to keep alive the essence of festivals through mindful celebrations. Merely following the calendar and feeding delicacies to our kids will probably not trigger the minds with excitement and curiosity.

Every festival carries such immense experiences that immerse us in a pool of emotions, togetherness, and cultural aura. Not just fun and colors, they give us a reason to introspect by letting go of the bad and celebrating the good. Festivals as a whole are blissful, and at the same time can also get overwhelming with little toddlers and their tantrums.

With an increasing percentage of working parents, it does get tedious to cater to such subtle aspects and strike the right balance. But don’t fret, we’ve got your back.

How can we engage kids in festivals?

How soothing it would be to have your kid preparing for festivals spontaneously with the right spirit? When a purpose is added to the rituals we celebrate, there is always a better outcome. So, let’s explore ways to engage kids during festivals.

1. Storytime: Every festival is celebrated to mark the victory or beginning of something and carries a rich history to itself. It is important to explain this history and culture to our kids in a way they understand and cherish. Stories are a great way to indulge them in meaningful celebrations, it makes them aware of their surroundings and keep them well-informed of what is happening. This sets the tone of perspectives and makes them feel involved without any push.

2. Decor and cleaning: You know there’s a festival at home when cleaning starts in full swing, and this is the best time to involve kids and give them tiny responsibilities that they can fulfill with ease. Over time it sets a pace and habituates them in the practice of cleaning which is an ideal life skill at any point. Decorating the house in their presence by asking for input and ideas always adds a splash of their creativity. Make sure their creative efforts are appreciated well, which would encourage them to participate every time.

3. Cooking and baking: Festivals are incomplete without sweets and kids love a good overdose of their favorite delicacies. This is the only time when parents can satisfy those cravings without any guilt. A better way to keep them happy is by including them in the process. The best place to start is keeping them busy with perfecting the round laddus and other shaped delicacies. It’s fuss-free, fun, and contributing at the same time. Eventually, they can learn and expert a dish that runs as their legacy, which can be served platonically to the guests.

4. Shopping: To enhance the festivities we buy new sets of clothes and houseware. This needs a whole lot of shopping and patience. Your kids can be a part of this by actively choosing their looks, this would also inculcate in them a sense of individuality and make them feel confident. Although, as elders we want to see perfection in the paraphernalia, let it not be the only focus, and it’s best to allow your house to look fresh with new ideas and choices. Set the little ones free to pick and you would be in awe of their unique choices.

5. Giving: This might be new to the kids, but with every grand festival we celebrate there are a lot of kids and families who cannot afford to enjoy these festivals. Apart from all that we relish, it is also time we teach our kids to give and share with those who do not share the same privileges. With everything new coming in, the old needs to be out and it can be put out the right way! Kids can be mindfully taught to think broad and beyond the self through this simple act.

These were a few meaningful ways to engage kids in festivals, and once started, it just gets better as festivals are never-ending. Kara4kids is a leading playschool in Bangalore that celebrates the joy of growing with every kid. If you’re looking for a preschool in Bangalore to cherish the festival of life with your little one, look no further!