How Should Preschools Welcome Little Ones Post COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the schooling system and necessary measures had to be taken by the schools to ensure children are safe. Parents are left in the dark and the majority of them are looking for answers and assurance about the safety of their little ones.


Preschools need to be cautious as the little ones are sensitive and intense supervision is a must by the personnel at preschools. Preschools will have to make some alterations to the system and help children to get familiar with the new way.



Hygiene will precede every other factor considering the presence of toddlers who are an easy target. Preschools need to sanitize the entire premise more often than not. Children have to be educated about personal hygiene and about washing their hands regularly.

Being prepared

Every preschool should be ready to deal with suspected cases and have an action plan ready. Gatherings like assembly and activities that bring children together should be relooked. Inform children and staff to stay home when they are sick. Have hand sanitizers and encourage little ones to wash their hands after every activity.


Supervise children and ensure they are washing their hands on a regular basis. Distribute proper PPE kits to sweepers and cleaners at school. Prefer a place with proper ventilation to conduct activities for children. Inform parents and seek medical advice when children experience any sort of discomfort.


Teachers should teach children about social distancing and verify it. If possible, reducing the timing of preschool can also be considered until we have a vaccine. Discourage young children from touching their nose, eyes, tables, board etc with bare hands. Teachers should also educate the parents of dos and don’ts at their home as well.

The organisation

It is the responsibility of the organisation to check the students, staff, and non-teaching staff on a daily basis. Take the temperatures before starting the day at school and report cases that are suspicious. The organisation should never skip the testing at any cost. Make sure every child is wearing a mask throughout the day. Also, sanitize the restrooms at regular intervals.

Use children to pass the message

Have a conversation and let every child know what needs to be done to curtail the spread of the virus. Ask them to pass on the message to their friends. This method is very effective as little ones tend to follow their peers or friends. Preschool can also organise a children’s playact to raise awareness of the situation.

Have a positive talk and tell your child that there is no need to panic. Teach them about social distancing, hygiene, using hand sanitizers and following the instruction of teachers and elders. Let them understand the importance and necessity of the changes.