The number of preschools and daycare centres are proliferating in metro cities like Bangalore, which is the nucleus of both IT and not-IT sector companies, making it a host to a lot of working parents. With the increasing awareness of the importance of early education, parents nowadays prefer to enrol their children in preschools for their early adaptation to the external world and for comprehending the upcoming competition. Adhering to this advanced outlook of parents, daycare centres in Bangalore are structuring the quality of their service with more professionalism, advanced infrastructure, and personal care to hone the young scholars for future academic, social and emotional endeavors.

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years are like soft clay that can be easily moulded and nurtured. Therefore the best preschools in Bangalore have designed their curriculum to introduce the children to alphabets, numbers and shapes in order to enhance their basic mathematical skills and pre-reading skills along with instilling an affluent vocabulary. Still, several parents are hesitant to send their children to playschools because then the children will be out of their own care. Therefore, it is important to understand what role these preschools play in equipping our little ones with the right skill-set that will prepare them for greater accomplishments in all areas of life.

Importance of preschool for children

  1. Preschooling is the first step towards social and academic learning
    Young kids tend to be very observant of their surroundings and try to imitate adults around them. They often learn things like keeping things in an organised manner, being particular in their tasks, the habit of reading, and so on from adults. Playschools in Bangalore include a wide variety of activities to prepare the children according to the social and academic demands of elementary schools.
  2. Preschools boost the social and emotional development of children
    This is the most common and predominant motto of the best preschools in Bangalore and across the world. They emphasise on social and emotional upliftment of kids and enable the young geniuses to explore feelings, make decisions, tackle challenges, cooperate with their peers, etc.
  3. Preschools channel children’s inquisition
    Children aged 3 years and above develop curiosity and a questioning mindset. Playschools extend opportunities for them to use this curiosity to find answers through experimentation, exploration and brainstorming. They nurture their curiosity and motivate them to learn from activities, their environment, and also help them acknowledge the difference between reality and fantasy.
  4. Preschools stimulate language and cognitive skills
    Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years develop a large section of their word stock during this period and they learn to frame long and complex sentences. Teachers help strengthen their cognitive and language skills by engaging them in various fun and problem-solving tasks. Children are encouraged to read short stories. They are even trained to enact certain story characters or animals. All these methods accelerate their young minds and help them think deeply and reason.
  5. Preschools escalate the physical development of the children
    Proper synchronization of mind and body is very important for young children to boost their self-confidence. Therefore, the top-notch playschools in Bangalore focus on the development of motor skills by encompassing various outdoor activities and other tasks that involve hand-eye coordination and large muscle movement.

Parents should consider the fact that in preschools the focus is more on training children holistically – to aid their understanding, encourage obedience, develop concentration management skill, enhance language and expression skills and help inculcate a positive attitude towards learning.