Stress, an emotionally draining situation, can arrive irrespective of age. You might be surprised to know that a child faces as much stress as an adult, and failure is the prime reason. So, as a parent, it is one’s duty to help them learn how to reduce the amount of stress, to build positive coping skills and the right way to vent their stress.

Here’s what you can do:

Be supportive, try to listen when your child is stressed out. If you notice that they are scared, acknowledge their feelings, assure them that you are there when they fall. Be there with them, but encourage them to solve the problem on their own. You must teach them cooperation rather than competition.

A warm hug can reduce stress in a jiffy. Always be aware of what your child wants and don’t overburden them with random tasks. You can make a stress management program for the entire family, help the child learn about the consequences of any positive activity or wrong deed.

Build a rational thinking ability that will assist them to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Bestow them with a task where they get to make their own choices, and always emphasize maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As it is said – Laughter is the best medicine, and nothing can compare to quality time spent with family. So keep some humour in your child’s life, while teaching a set of valuable skills.

Outdoor activities and exercise can help in the phase of growth and development. Furthermore, meditation and yoga can also help in the process of relaxing. Do something fun, ask them to volunteer around the neighbourhood – things like helping an aged person, feeding stray animals, building a water feed for birds, etc.

Last but not the least, indulge them in the habit of eating healthy. Set aside just one day a week for “Junk food”. Include vegetables, fruits and whole grains in requisite proportion in the daily diet chart.

Childhood stress can come from many aspects…

If the child needs to adapt to a new neighbourhood, adjust through a change in school, make new friends, or if he/she faces peer pressure, gets bullied, needs to work on their grades and more – it can cause significant stress which can affect the child, both physically and emotionally. So,as a parent you can help your child understand his or her self-worth, so that they can endure stress with courage.