Early Childhood Education refers to imparting education to the children from birth up to the age of eight years contributing to their cognitive, educational and holistic development. Parents are the first teachers for any child and contribute to the most essential part of the early education process. However, in a busy city like Bangalore, a large number of parents face the challenge of how to care for their wards while they are away at work. Preschools with day care facilities cater to this need successfully. Kara4Kids, regarded as the best preschool in Bangalore, provides wholesome facilities to children from age six months to 10 years. With a vast experience of more than a decade, Kara4Kids is favoured as a trusted day care centre in Bangalore.

Established as one of the most recommended play schools in Bangalore, Kara4Kids provides a spirited environment for the children by implementing the “play-based learning” programme. It helps the children explore their natural curiosity and imagination and learn more efficiently. 

The all-encompassing early childhood education programmes at Kara4Kids grooms five domains of childhood development, among others –

  • Physical development: They emphasize the sensory awareness and fine motor skills that enhance the development of biological and physical functions of the children. 
  • Social development: Interaction with others, participation in different activities and association with the caregivers develop a sense of responsibility and communication among the children.
  • Emotional development: A child learns to create emotional connections and develop self-confidence in a friendly and caring environment that Kara4Kids commits to creating in every field.
  • Language: By exposing the children to phonetics, exercise and communication with orders, Kara4Kids motivates language development in children.
  • Cognitive skills:  It includes the processes of accumulating knowledge by perceiving, recognizing, understanding and solving.