Most of us might be familiar with the story of the man who had two sons and they grew up worlds apart. In the story, the father played a crucial role in the lives of both his children. Both kids had the same environment, same resources, and same background, yet they turned out to be different in character. One learned to never repeat the mistake of his dad and focused on growing whereas the other child picked up things differently.

With this, we can understand that parenting needs to be taken up carefully and seriously. Even if we are trying to teach our kids the right things, if not done in the proper manner it might not have the best results.

Parenting is a hands-on experience and we learn and grow over time. Children look up to their parents’ for guidance and support. We must be the best versions of ourselves and helps our kids follow suit.

It is understandable to get overwhelmed but with the right experience and training you can teach and learn alongside your child. We have some tips that could brighten your day and your child’s future!

Is there a right way to parent?

Although this is not merely a matter of right and wrong, it still needs to be done rightly! Confusing? Let me help you out.

Your child learns around 75% of life skills, values, and lessons from you, parents. This number carries such a huge dependence and impact. Choosing the right school, buying the best clothes, and providing healthy meals are always appreciated but that’s not all. You need to also set a good example.

Do we have a guidebook?

Individuality is what creates you. So, owing to this, there is no definite set of rules you could follow. But there surely are a few vital elements that you must include in your style of mindful parenting. Be a good role model.

Things you should teach while raising your children:

  • Hard work: At a young age, children are generally heavily dependent on their parents for fulfilling needs. After a certain age, when they are capable of understanding and learning, it is very important to build a habit of doing chores themselves. This not only reduces dependency but also develops a sense of independence and confidence. They would grow into someone who takes initiative. It teaches a very strong lesson about working on things that matter and not just hoping that they would work out for themselves. Taking action vs letting it be. Make sure to not overdo it and let them choose their pace, comfort, and space.
  • Communication: Right from the beginning, it would be ideal to let your child express and communicate their feelings. If they find it difficult, you can work with them to enhance their skills and make them feel comfortable throughout the process. Growing up, having great communication skills would always help in every aspect of life. The focus should also remain on creating a safe space where your child can freely talk to you about all things without hesitation. The roots of a great communicator start right at home. This small practice with consistent efforts might give way to an impactful leader who can move worlds through their words.
  • Respect: A child who is kind and respectful is loved by all. Being respectful just does not mean being polite, it has a bigger picture. You would be teaching them to not hurt others’ feelings while also not allowing others to disrespect them. You might think that they are too young for this but observe and you will realize that unknowingly fear is mistaken for respect. So, break this cycle and teach your child the importance of being respectful even in uncomfortable situations and times of conflict. This can be taught mostly by practice. You need to apply the same during disagreements with your partner, or even your child.
  • Secret tip: The most important lesson you could teach your child is to enjoy life and do things they love doing. Take out time yourself to do things you love and live in the moment. Your child’s schedule might seem convenient now, but as they grow up it gets hectic and stressful. Initiate this habit of slowing down once in a while and enjoying life to its fullest. What is the point otherwise?

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