Are You Ignoring These Essential Emotional Needs Of Your Child?

At times, parents get frustrated with their children because oftheir tantrums and unreasonable outbursts. Chances are that your children might be trying to express themselves and tell you something.

Being a parent, you should pay attention to minute details as most children are not able toput across their views clearly. The little onesmay notunderstand you, insteadit canbe the other way around.

Here are some of the emotional needs of a child that you should never ignore:



The need to feel secure is of prime importance for a child to open up. It is essential for the emotional well-being of childrenwho look up to parents to experience a sense of security. To develop a secure atmosphere, parents need to be honest with their promises to children.

Hear them out

Listen to children when they are telling you something and don’t turn a deaf ear just because it doesn’t make sense. Like adults, children also want to be heard and understood.We can make an effort to recognise the need of a child to feel acknowledgedand valued.

The need to be includet

A child should never be made to feel left out from the decision-making process. Try and include them in the discussion or at least explain why they are excluded. They can, however, be a part of the happenings when there is a need and can also be appreciated for their contributions.

The need to be loved

The need to be loved is a primary emotion we all long for, and childrenare no exception. Shower your children with love, but ensure they don’t take advantage of it. You can spend some quality time with them, have fun and be a part of their interests and hobbies. This shows that you really care about them and that they are important to you.

The need to be validated

Consider your little one’s opinions and views, and listen to their ideas when they have something to share. Validation helps children feel and express their thoughts and emotions, feel more connected to their parents, and booststheir confidenceand self-esteem.


The need to feel accepted is necessary for humans to come out as confident and assertiveindividuals. Being accepted by you allows children to feel free to explore their world and express themselves to you without fear of your disapproval. If children see you as accepting and valuing of them, then they will be able to accept and value themselves.

Children come into this world with basic emotional needs. The key is to be genuine and honest with them. Being attentive to your child’s emotional needs provides a foundation for success in their school, work, and life in general.