The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has literally brought the world to a stand-still and it is our responsibility to follow the instructions given by health experts. Children have to be monitored and explained things to ensure they are safe.

It’s time to support each other and promote healthy habits to stay away from the scare. However, there is no need to panic and make the situation worse. Dealing with children is the need of the hour along with taking care of ourselves.


Here’s the rundown of what we all must be doing to protect the little ones:



Encourage hygiene habits

Educate children about being and keeping their surroundings clean. Ask them to wash hands with soap/sanitizer frequently. Also, teach them to cover their mouth while coughing or sneezing to ensure others are safe.

Let them stay home when needed

If you notice a difference in the health of your child, just let them stay home and do consult a doctor. This is not the time to take a chance. We must make sure proper attention is given to the child until things are under control.

Stop them from attending any public gathering

Discourage children from being in a crowded place and any public gatherings. Try and postpone your trips to avoid any chances of COVID-19. Keep everything low-key and help children to stay engaged within your home until we all have a solution because prevention is always better than cure.

Keep children away from the unwell

Ensure you child doesn’t get in touch with sick people, especially those who are carrying the symptoms of the virus. Meanwhile, do suggest a medical check-up for those who are sick or infected in any manner.


Help your child develop an exercise routine – that will be useful in more than one way. Our body reacts well to exercise. Regular physical activity can be a game-changer for young children both physically and mentally.

Regular cleaning

Indulge in constant cleaning and disinfect the surfaces and other objects that come in contact with children. If possible, minimize the use of old products that have never seen the light of day for a while now.

Putting on masks

Put a clean mask on your child when they are outdoors and replace them regularly. Wearing a mask is a must if the child is prone to cold or has any sort of allergies. Any preventive measure that works for your child should be taken to help them stay safe. 

Proper diet

Include food items that have proven to be a part of a healthy and nutritious diet. Garlic, almonds and other nuts, fruits and vegetables are the sources of good health. Feed these to your child and also include them in your regular meals. 


Good sleep

Toddlers need to get a solid sleep without any disruptions. Good sleep helps a child to combat germs and infections. Let them develop a proper sleeping cycle and encourage them to follow the routine on a daily basis. 


Remember, this is not the time to panic. Let’s all fight together and fight for the well-being of mankind in these testing times. Like many deadly threats in the past, this too shall pass. The situation calls for unity and responsibility of everyone and that is what each one of us must be doing now.