Every child needs to be free and happy in their formative years to ensure they grow up strong. Unfortunately, we are so occupied in our busy lives that we sometimes tend to forget the kind of impact it has on young children.

Never stress your child with unnecessary competition by comparing them with their peers. Give them their time as they start to learn new things and meet new people. Being a parent your primary concern should be their well-being and happiness.

Here are some of the things that you should be doing to keep your child in good stead.



Stop over scheduling

Go easy on your child and let them have fun, rest, eat and do whatever they want to do. However, some of the kids are filled with curriculum and they have to concentrate very hard for almost 7-8 hours. Such heavy load on young minds can be damaging to children and when they can’t cope up with it, the inferiority complex strikes in and they start to feel bad about themselves.

Let them play freely

Toddlers have this tendency to enjoy the games without worrying about the outcomes. All we have to do is just encourage this quality and allow children to play naturally without any strings attached. Make time to play with your child and give them the feel-good factor of being around when needed.

Focusing on sound sleep

Sleep is the best tool to beat stress. Allow the little ones to have enough sleep to help them stay relaxed and calm. Having a solid sleep is essential for growing up kids to stay healthy physically and mentally. Ensure good sleeping cycles of your child and create an environment that would let a toddler sleep peacefully without any issues.

Teach your young one to listen to their body

Don’t allow your son or daughter to over-work or overplay. Teach them to stay in balance and respect their physical condition. Make them understand that it is their responsibility to take care of their bodies and listen to it when it’s tired. A child should realize when he or she is hungry, tired and needs a break.

Control your stress

Never dump your emotions and stress on young children. Keep them free from any sort of mental burden and negative thoughts. Children tend to grasp things quickly when they are young. Hence, they need to stay happy and focus on the right things. Spend quality time with your children and help them understand that life is indeed beautiful!!

Begin the day brightly

Kick-start your day with a smile and ensure a warm beginning to your child. The start of the day sets the tone for the rest of the day to your child. Children can easily get frustrated when things are awful, especially in the morning. Once they get off the track, it would be a task for you to console and get things done.

Allow children to make mistakes

Teach children that it is absolutely fine to make mistakes and they don’t have to be hesitant about accepting them too. By being lenient to their mistakes, the children feel free to open up when they are on the wrong side of things. Also, help them learn from their mistakes. Let them not get addicted to the spoon-feeding as it makes them dependent in the future.

Let them make their own decisions

Don’t impose things on children. Stay back and see them making their own decisions now and then. Children need to understand that they have the freedom and right to decide on their preferences. However, interfere and correct them if they have made a wrong choice by explaining it to them.