During the early days of schooling, cognitive and linguistic development, enhancement of conversational skills and developing confidence to talk to peers is crucial. A Preschool is one of the only places where children interact with other children and build the first phase of their communication ability.

Joining a Preschool or Day Care centre in Bangalore is essential for a child’s personal growth. Basically, it acts as a foundation to help children take a firm step towards the upcoming formal education. As parents, we understand the importance, but a child might not be willing to leave the comfort of their home and attend a preschool.

It’s not just about sending your child to a preschool against their will. It’s more about the experience they have there.  You can ensure that the journey is fun and exciting. If your child is unwilling to accept the new preschool routine, here are some suggestions from a few Child Education Consultants from some of the best preschools in Bangalore:

  1. Talk about the Preschool

Many of the good play schools in Bangalore offer a free visit to the school. This enables parents to get to know more about the preschool where their child will be going. Back at home, discuss and talk about the school, show your child photographs of the classroom, play area, etc. This can help the child get excited about the new school.

  1. Make it fun and enjoyable

Attend 2-3 classes along with your child, be with them, help them to understand that they can enjoy a preschool just as they enjoyed at home. This will build a bond with the teachers, and the child will subsequently perceive that there is nothing to be scared of.

  1. Practice saying ‘bye’

Initially while saying bye, you can reassure the child that you are definitely going to come back and take them home. This helps your child understand that a ‘bye’ is just parting for a short duration. It will also help them deal with their anxiety and stress.

  1. Give them gifts

This is an act of encouragement for visiting a preschool to build a sense of achievement. Praise them for doing homework, learning something new, and interacting with new people. Choose one of the good kindergartens in Bangalore that encourage children to participate, learn, and grow. It’s important to celebrate even their small successes, like learning the alphabets or painting a picture.

  1. Understand what your child needs

As a parent, one has many responsibilities and is often overloaded with work. Despite the never-ending tasks at hand, when your child refuses to go to a Nursery School in Bangalore, it’s important to sit them down and respond calmly. Your calm demeanor can help the child see your point of view. If they throw a tantrum or start crying, give them a tight hug and assure them that you will always be there.