When the child is 3 years old, it is time for a new phase in their life, something that would make them an able individual in the near future — Preschooling. Enrolling in a Preschool in Bangalore will add a new definition to your child’s life. It is the first step towards the initiation of an educational pillar, where a child gains complete exposure to develop new skills and to communicate.

Sending your child to a daycare center in Bangalore will help them transition to being more independent. The child needs to leave their comfort zone and venture towards a new environment, where they get to playfully learn about the world around them. Now, every transition in a child’s life can be stressful, thus you need to chalk out strategies to manage stress. Here, parents have a crucial role to play.

Let’s take a look at how you can help your child settle into the best preschool in Bangalore:

Discuss the Idea about Preschool

Your child must be exposed to the idea of going to a playschool before they start. You can talk to them about the preschool, tell them how interesting it would be to learn new things and make new friends. To normalize the concept of preschool you can also encourage them to watch TV shows that involve toddlers going to a playschool.

Build on the concept of staying away from home

Going to a preschool means your child would be away from you for a couple of hours. You can give them an insight of what they are going to experience by letting them be on their own for a couple of hours (under adult supervision). You can leave them at their grandparent’s house to help them drop the anxiety of being away from home.

Take them for a visit to the preschool

Contact the administrator of the preschool and arrange for a visit. This would help the children familiarize themselves with the new environment and also meet the caregivers. Help them understand how the place is not very different from home.

Start saying Goodbyes

To toddlers, goodbyes indicate that they will have to part from their parents and that can cause stress. So, motivate them to do a few regular activities on their own. Ask them to tie their shoe laces or use a colour of their choice to paint. Bid goodbye whenever you go to the other room or when you leave the house. This would help them understand that you are out of sight but only for a short period of time.

Try to understand and comfort them

Often toddlers are hesitant to the idea of parting from their parents. You can give them a tight hug and assure them that you will always be close to them. This would help them be more confident when they are alone.