The preschooling phase is a vital time for learning. Selecting the appropriate preschool for your child is one of the most important decisions to take in life. It is a common desire for all parents living in and around Bangalore to get their ward admitted to the best preschool in Bangalore. A child’s brain undergoes dynamic “anatomical and physiological changes” in the preschooling years, which is the first step to maturation. According to the research by The National Institute Of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the quality of child care centres, including preschools have a huge impact on the structure of a child’s life later on. There is an abundance of schools in Bangalore. While looking for a suitable preschool parents’ focus dwells on several other aspects besides academics. This includes the basic learning strategies that are adopted by the playschools in Bangalore. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the school authorities till it reaches your mark of assurance and you feel confident to enrol your child into a particular school.
For new parents, here’s a list of questions that you can ask while selecting a daycare centre in Bangalore.
  1. How did you develop your school curriculum?
    A preschool should have a chosen philosophy that guides their curriculum and their interactions with the children in their care. Ask the school what sort of guidance philosophy they follow and why they chose it and how they develop a curriculum that aligns with that philosophy. Confirm whether the school is certified and whether their curriculum meets the preschool standards in Bangalore.
  2. How does the school cater to your child’s needs?
    Every child is unique and each child has his/her strengths and weaknesses. Some students cry when their parents drop them off, some cannot eat by themselves, some have the habit of taking naps, etc. Ask the school authorities how the staff deals with all of these needs and determine whether the measures will provide comfort to your child.
  3. How does the school introduce discipline to the students?
    Ascertain the measures your preferred school incorporates to impart discipline among the kids. How are the teachers empowering the students to deal with their problems? How does the staff with a child when they throw tantrums or misbehave? What techniques are adopted to instil self-dependency in them?
  4. What is the classroom setup?
    The size of the classroom and the teacher-student ratio will ascertain the amount of personalised attention your preschooler will get. Also, learn about the classroom amenities that are provided to the child. Ask about the age group of the other students who will be the classmates of your child.
  5. What security measures are implemented?
    Ask the school to show you how the safety of the students is kept under supervision, especially on the playground. Whether there are any first aid provisions in case your child gets hurt. How many staff are engaged to ascertain the students’ security outside and inside the school premises?