The world is going through a never seen before chaos because of COVID-19 that has affected people all over the world. While some of the jobs are paused, many are allowed to work from home. If you are working from home and have a child around you, then we have some tips for you. Implement these tips at your home and stay productive in your work.

That is the reason we have come up with a few tips that will set you up perfectly to be productive when you work from home during the lockdown.


Prepare your blueprint

Come up with a perfect work schedule and decide on your tasks before starting your work. Have slots so that you could use it later as well to finish incomplete tasks. The key is to stick to your schedule and have those “office” hours restricted to work. Having said that, you can spend quality time with your child when you feel there is a need to divert yourself or the child. This is where the extra slots come in later.

Take advantage of nap time

Put on your professional hat the moment you see your child slipping into sleep. Start working on important tasks and make the most of your child’s sleep. If possible, encourage them to have a sound sleep when you want to work. Tell them you will be having a great time once the work is completed.

Create an office set-up

Separate your work from parenting and reserve your working time just to finish professional tasks. You can do this by creating an office-like set-up inside your home and do not encourage your family to spend time in that zone. Such division will help you to cut-off mentally from your family during work hours.

Keep kids engaged

Find something interesting to keep your child occupied. Give them fun tasks, cool toys, and spend a few minutes of quality time. The key is to keep them happy to ensure they are not restless. You may possibly notice that a small fun-filled break time can get you hours of uninterrupted work time as children listen to you when you make them happy.

Be prepared for interruptions

It does not matter how meticulous the planning is, children catch you off guard. You must be prepared for such interruptions and have the ability to switch-off and switch-on as and when required. If you see it coming, it’s better to reschedule the discussion and sort things out with your little one.


Seek help when there is a situation at work that needs your presence. Involve others at home or arrange for a play date for your child with the neighbourhood child. Allow others to take care of your son/daughter for a few hours and carry on with your task. If you are aware of the team discussion in advance then plan accordingly with your partner who can look after the child when you are busy.

All tips aside, the simple thing is to understand your child. Do not expect the young ones to dance to your tune. It is the elders who should be flexible enough to deal with situations. Spend quality time before you explain to them about the work you have to do.