We as parents tend to be prepared beforehand for most of the major life events of our kids. You will find that even the most expert procrastinator will start looking for preschools and planning education funds for their little ones. This is what our little toddlers who are ready to blossom, do to us, they push us to be a better person without even trying!

As our bit to their first’s in life, being prepared is a must, but it is not all enough. Until kids reach a certain age where they are capable of taking decisions, our choices would define their graph and path in various walks of life. So, one of the greatest boons you can give your child for life is trying to make the right decisions so they would do it later.

Learning doesn’t start just at school or playschools, it begins from day one. You will find many such day ones, be it walking or making negotiations to avoid that last bit of food on the plate! A major chunk of experience that your kid will carry forward through these days is the learning experience. So, being prepared the right way will truly bring out the best outcome.

Is there a right way to learn?

Well, we all have at least one friend or mentor who teaches us like none other. You tend to grasp the same concept when taught by them differently. Why is it so? It is because they pull the right set of strings that makes learning playful and fun.

Imagine the power of playful learning when implemented at an early age!

The environment where a kid learns plays a crucial role in their ability to learn and grow. A playful environment ensures they indulge in the learning experience whilst being themselves and not losing out on individuality.

The traditional method of learning frameworks kids into thinking within the box by strictly adhering to rules. Rules and principles are always handy to teach boundaries and manners, but they should not lead the way for learning experiences.

How does playful learning help?

  • Optimal skill usage and development: With different situations arising in a playful atmosphere, kids tend to explore and discover their hidden skills. This instills a sense of confidence as they go beyond their limitations and take risks by experimenting.
  • It is fun: Kids love to have fun, it energizes them and uplifts their mood which also produces happy hormones. When the kid’s emotional state is also catered to, their growth happens at a faster pace. Enjoying while learning happens with playful learning and this sense of enjoyment builds curiosity with a hunger to learn more. They will fall in love with learning, which should be the topmost goal for every child and parent, rather than just learning.
  • Collective learning: Playful learning means there is an environment with multiple scenarios and the child is free to choose. This opens their mind to various stimulations and enhances their intellectual and emotional abilities collectively. When a child is exposed to different textures, environments, situations, choices, and methods, it would be a rush of healthy neural signals in their little minds, setting up a positive growth curve. In other words, this method of learning would sharpen their cognitive, socio-emotional, linguistic, motor, and sensory skills from a young age.
  • Escalator vs stairs: The goal is to reach the 5th floor, two ways to reach it, escalator or stairs. Both approaches will take you to the goal, but one is faster. Think of this in a learning situation. Your kid can either take a couple of days to learn to count numbers through the traditional method or have fun while counting numbers and be able to do so with lesser attempts during playful learning.

At Kara4Kids we create and build an innovative environment where “playful learning” leads to more energy and productivity. If your goal is to help your kid fall in love with learning, then you can enroll with us to explore the never-ending world of learning, imagination, and fun.