As they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. As kids, all of us have enjoyed spending time at parks and other open spaces. Giving a child the space to explore nature is the primary step towards a child’s overall development.

Purpose of Outdoor play

Kids learn a lot when they are close to nature. A child’s motor senses of touching, seeing, hearing, feeling are largely stimulated through outdoor activities. Fundamentally, outdoor play is necessary for children. It exposes them to vast and diverse knowledge. Nothing teaches us more than mother nature, and what better way to stay close to her than to be at a playground or garden.

Playgrounds are where kids are introduced to the idea of rules, playing in teams, team spirit, etc. Great outdoor playgrounds and daycare centres are planned to have sufficiently large and open playgrounds so that children can play, run, hop and hide; where they can yell, whistle and mix with the regular world.

Specific accentuation ought to be set on how playgrounds can aid all types of play. There is a basic need to foster an air for outdoor proactive tasks in the little ones. Outdoor play ought not to turn out to be excessively scholarly and too instructor controlled.

Reasons why outdoor play is important

There are two major reasons why outdoor play is essential for children.

  • To start with, large numbers of the formative assignments that children should accomplish—investigating, fine and gross motor improvement and the retention of huge measures of fundamental information—can most viably be learned through outdoor play.
  • Secondly, our way of life now involves removing outdoor play from the daily lives of children through exorbitant hours of TV and PC use, occupied and tired caretakers, instructive responsibility, disposal of school break, etc. The good thing here is that a number of playschools in Bangalore understand the need for outdoor activities.

How do outdoor activities help the child grow physically as well as mentally?

  1. To find out more about their physical capacities, children should stretch their boundaries. How high would I be able to swing? Do I go down the slide? How high would I be able to climb? To know more about the actual world, children must be encouraged to try different things as they play.
  2. At a very basic level, when children come close to nature, they discover a lot about their own surroundings. They learn the elements of nature like water, sun, etc.  They build a relationship with the regular world simply by encountering it as they grow, create, and interact with their environment.

Accommodating the outdoor play needs of children is an important task. Many preschools and daycare centres in Bangalore cater to all of these needs of children. Quality outdoor playtime is essential for children of all age groups.