According to the general educational norms, a child must be at least 5 years before he/she starts attending school. Now, there isn’t any magic number, but due to parents’ busy life and hefty work schedules, the concept of preschool emerged where a child gets the first exposure at the age of 2 years. As the joint families are breaking down into nuclear ones, Daycare Centers in Bangalore are gaining importance, where parents can leave their child for the day. And, who would not want to give their children the best care and educational facilities?

But the real trouble that occurs is to send the child and motivate them to attend school. It is indeed a challenge. So, let’s see how, as a parent, you can help your child attend school.

1. Answer questions like “Why”, “What”

If your child is unwilling to attend school, then find out why, what is stopping them. Is it the learning issue, lack of attention, or any kind of social challenge? You need to diagnose the problem and make a list. Then, try to resolve them one by one.

2. Make studying fun

Do not raise pressure for studying and make a routine so that studying can be easy to carry out. Slowly build a sense of responsibility. Get involved and show them how studies can be fun too—this helps to nurture a habit that will last long.

3. Gather the basic necessities

Children can have a light snack before their study time; this helps to stay focused. You can also try giving your child a colourful pen, pencil and erasers; this will motivate them and they will look forward to attending their Playschool in Bangalore.

4. A perfect plan

As the child begins to attend school, homework and projects gain priority, and they have less time to play. This can act as a demotivation, as they are going through a change in routine. So, sit down with your child, create a play chart and a study chart, and keep them engaged. Further, always adhere to the plan.

5. How about a reward scheme?

This helps to create motivation even while studying. It is quite simple yet effective. For instance, if your child spends too much time watching TV, deduct points. If he/she completes their homework, then give them extra points. You can also add a gift instead of points to make the entire session special.

6. Sit and Discuss the problem

If your child refuses to go to school or seems stressed out, then you, as a parent, need to talk to them. Ask them about their feelings and views about school. Get to know what they like and what they don’t. A deep and encouraging conversation always helps to break the tension. You can also listen to music or paint a picture together!

Set goals for them, and help them see the bigger picture of going to a Preschool in Bangalore.