Bring out the colours and let your child play. Not only will they have fun, but your child will also be learning a lot in the process. Surely, as a parent, you will be looking forward to being your child’s best friend and not a stern personality. However, at times, it becomes difficult to get children to concentrate on their curriculum without being strict.



Anyway, we are here to offer you support and help your child be preschool ready in an exciting and entertaining way. All you have to do as a parent is to encourage them to colour pages and have fun. Sounds great, right?


Here are some of the benefits of colouring for your child:



Improves handwriting

Your child needs to have solid hand strength and grip for a beautiful handwriting. Colouring helps them to develop the grip and strength that will come in handy when they start writing. Colouring helps in getting the balance right and your son/daughter will get to know if there is too much/very little pressure when they start to write. Also, your child will be well prepared when they begin their kindergarten journey.

Better hand-eye coordination

Colouring enhances hand-eye coordination which is imperative for your child’s handwriting skills. You will notice a difference in the way your child holds the pencil, identifying colours and sharpening the pencils as they indulge in continuous colouring.

Patience and thinking

Colouring is an art that teaches your child to be patient. The best part of painting is that a child has to choose from various colours which make them think. They will learn to be patient and come up with their combination as they enjoy the whole activity.


While they have fun with colours, your child also learns to focus on the task. Even the studies have found that children who have a hobby of colouring pages are good in focusing. It also helps them to learn new skills as they grow up.Preferably, choose an infant and toddler daycarecenter that encourages your child to indulge in activities.


As your child starts colouring they will get to learn about different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and lines. Different perspectives will also be known as your curious child will come up with plenty of questions as they get along with the enjoyment of colouring. For instance :

A child looks for red colour when they want to colour an apple and they will get to know about the pattern of zebra when there is a need to colour the animal.


Confidence is one important thing that every parent wishes their child has in abundance. The good news is that colouring will help your little one in this regard. There will be a sense of achievement and completeness when your child is done with colouring. It gives them that feel-good factor and builds their confidence. Now, that’s some benefit which could go a long way.

Creative thinking

A child opens up to creative thinking while colouring. They will be exposed to numerous colours and combinations. It is up to them to complete the painting. Just let them play with colours and see what they come up with. If it’s good, then appreciate and encourage them for their good work while you enjoy the art. If not, just let them knowwhat can be done to make itlook better. Never restrict your child to a particular colour. For example: if a child wants to colour the sky red, let him/her, paint it red, as they will eventually learn by observing. 

Motor skills

Your child gets to develop the muscles of those tiny fingers, arms, wrists and hands. The motor skills are pretty important for your child who is growing up. Motor skills will also help the cutie pie get familiar with small objects. The strong muscles will also get them ready to participate in different activities.Well-built muscles can help your child to be pro-active during child development activities in preschool and keeps them ready for elementary education. 

Remember, encourage your child in activities like colouring and other arts that will expand their horizons. Let them make mistakes and learn from them instead of spoon-feeding them at every step of their journey.