Ranga and Asha

Asha and I wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude for the wonderful care received by our toddler son Partha at Kara4Kids HSR Layout center.


Kara was Partha’s first day care experience and occurred during our vacation to India. Nevertheless, it has left a very happy and lasting impression on both Partha and us. We were looking for temporary care for Partha while we were on a vacation in Bangalore. Meenu-ji was very helpful and welcoming. Meenu-ji made us feel that Kara was there to help.  She always was very accommodating to us and delivered the best service without any expectations.  She gave us such a great orientation that we had made up our mind to enroll Partha in less than a hour! Partha entered the class lead by  Kanchan, Mercy who  gave him wonderful love, care, attention and coaching. The proof is this – even though we are back in the US for a few weeks now, Partha has not forgotten his care-givers at Kara, especially his “favorite class teacher”, who is also his very first teacher,  Kanchan didi. Every day, Partha tells us “let’s go see “Kanchan didi” !. He also recalls “Mercy” and “Jasmine” daily.  Now Partha is enrolled in a regular day-care here, but not a day passes without him recalling your names and reminding us of the the spellings of your names.


The care-givers at Kara have the loving personal touch that is so important to nourish young children. We found the facilities matching those of international day-care centers. The play center is superb!. The curriculum is very well done. Vegetarian food was very important to us.


The Kara experience has especially given our child the confidence to adjust in regular day care here in the US.


We are very grateful and appreciative to you, Meenu-ji, loving loving Kanchan didi, Mercy, Jasmine and the rest of your team. We would whole-hearted recommend Kara4Kids to any parent looking for day-care for their dear children.


Best wishes that all of you thrive at Kara, and hoping more children benefit from your care like our child did. We will always keep in touch with you all….even when Partha is a grandfather:-)