The early years of learning, while in preschool, are the most crucial years in building a child’s educational foundation and value system. This challenging period of our coexistence with COVID has left the little ones devoid of pre-school fun, joy and care. To ensure that the primary phase of being introduced to learning and education remains unhindered, online preschool classes have been organized by several institutions across the globe.

Kara4Kids is one such renowned preschool in Bangalore that believes in the ideal “The Stronger the start, the greater the finish”. Through a collaborative and enquiry play-based approach, Kara4Kids aims at enhancing the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of the children and preparing them for early success and school readiness. With an experience of 14 years in fostering children, the child-centered curriculum at Kara4Kids has earned it the reputation of one of the best preschools in Bangalore.

Virtual Learning Program

  • In order to keep pace with the recent technology and newest method of learning in this ever-changing environment, Kara4Kids has adapted the Virtual Learning Program. Research shows that children respond better and learn faster when extracurricular activities are combined with learning. Hence, Kara4Kids organizes online classes that are consistent, efficient and an appropriate blend of Academics and Co-curricular activities.
  • This program includes everything from fun learning to science and math projects, art, music, dance and other activities. The main objective is to encourage physical, mental and social activities among the children and look after their emotional well-being.
  • Virtual classes are held from Monday to Friday and parents can choose between the morning and evening batches.
  • Every child has a unique learning pattern and requires a different amount of attention. Kara4Kids ensures absolute interaction and co-ordination between the students and the teachers.

Hybrid Model-combination of Virtual and Home Schooling

  • Due to the lockdown parents are struggling to balance their professional timings with the child’s schedule at home. To make the learning process convenient especially for parents who want to be more involved in their child’s education, Kara4Kids has organized the Hybrid Model.
  • In this 3:2 Blended learning program, the child is homeschooled for 3days by the parents and for the other 2 days the child is taught online by the professional educators of Kara4Kids.
  • The advantage of this program is that the parents can balance time between their work and teaching as well as provide constant guidance to the young minds.

Homeschooling program

  • It is a comprehensive support program offered to facilitate and simplify homeschooling led by parents.
  • Interesting and engaging learning materials and weekly planners are given to the parents to help them create an effortless yet exciting homeschooling experience for their wards.
  • Kara4Kids have a trained and experienced team of educators, who interact with the parents and the students, twice a month to assess the overall growth and development of the children.