These simple yet fun games will surely entertain your child to the core while at home. There will be times when you don’t want your child to go outside – remember those extremely humid or freezing days? Or like the current lockdown. Keeping children entertained is a task and you need to come up with something exciting to beat your child’s boredom.

Below is the proven list of fun games that will not just beat their boredom, but also keep you relaxed. In fact, you can join in and be a part of the action.


Building Blocks

This is one game that every child likes to play. Let your child build his/her home, construction site, or any other structure. Give them the building blocks and you will see them play with them for hours. Show them how it is done and allow them to take it forward according to their ideas and creativity.


Apart from keeping children occupied, puzzles also improve problem-solving and cognitive abilities of your little one. Children develop a sense of achievement when they solve the puzzle and look forward to doing it more often. However, make sure you start off by giving them simple puzzles before moving to complex ones. The key is to get them interested in puzzles and that happens when they learn to solve the simple puzzles initially.

Treasure hunt

This is a cool game to play when you want the child to be surprised. Guide your little one to simple clues that they can crack and allow them to follow the clues as they search for the treasure. When the child decodes every clue a prize is given.

Indoor bowling

Grab a few bottles and fill them partly with water. Arrange the bottles like you see in a bowling lane and set it up. Use a medium-sized football and hit the target. Have a scoring system in place and start the game.

Guess the sound

Firstly, blindfold a person who is taking up the challenge. Then take items that can produce some kind of sounds. The blindfolded person has to guess the item from the sound it creates. Check out some of the instances – you can staple a paper, hit the side of a glass with a spoon, take a comb and rub your fingers, banging the wood blocks and so on.

Artistic Antics

Form an order and take turns to draw the picture. Bring out the colours and have fun with them. The first player begins with painting and draws a part of the picture. The following player takes it forward and leaves behind at the next stage. The process continues until the picture is completed. If you do not have a big group then have a predetermined number of turns. You can decide before the art begins on what you are going to draw. See what you get at the end and share it in your groups.

Carom Board

People of different age groups can play this game. Make teams and start your game in the home. To make it interesting, you can make a rule of losers making way for the next team while the winning team gets to play as long as they are winning. This way there will be more competition and games will be intense.


Another game that encourages your child to think!! Every move matters in Chess and therefore, it should be calculated. It develops patience and planning in children and helps them to think differently according to the situation.

Dots and Boxes

The simplicity of this game is what makes it special. You just need paper and pencil to start the game. Two players go one after another to add a single horizontal or vertical line between two dots which would have been set in a grid form. When a player arrives to complete a box he/she gets to continue right away and adds another line. If that line happens to form another box, the player carries on. The process needs to be followed and the player makes way for the opponent when there is no opportunity to form a box. The game ends when there are no lines left and the player with more boxes is the winner.

Keep the games simple and encourage your little ones to participate. These child-friendly games are fun in their own way that helps you build a bond with your child, which rarely happens when you allow them to play games in mobile phones.