Kaustav Majumdar

Now about Kara, where do I start?

Sreenika joined Kara as a shy, little 2 year old toddler. And 4 years later she graduated from Kara as a confident, caring, knowledgeable kid ready to step into the world of formal schools. It’s amazing how much she grew as a person, how much she learnt in the process. The journey was amazing, even through the times of pandemic and how can we thank Kara enough for being such a big part of it.

From the beginning, Pramila didi, Shirley didi, Esther didi, other teachers, didis and support staff always showered their love on her, took care of her, instilled confidence and at the same time developed good habits, imparting great knowledge. The environment was so welcoming that I had never heard her telling “I don’t want to go to school”. She grew and learnt while having so much fun in the dance, music, yoga classes. And the annual day – it’s still the biggest programme that Sreenika has participated in yet.

And then the pandemic hit. And though the physical classes stopped, Kara continued to be the same fun place where you learn things. The curriculum Kara designed, the way Akshata didi, Lakshmi didi, Sanjoli didi, Sajili didi taught them – so carefully, so personally and so lovingly – I guess it doesn’t happen anywhere else. I still don’t understand how you made the dance, music, sports classes so endearing to the students through a laptop screen.

And how can I forget about the support you provided to us – the parents. We could share just about any concern with you and you were always addressing them. I still remember the times when you used to click her picture during the day to keep us happy and calm, when Mrs. D’mello patiently chatted us out of a mindless concern, when in the online PTMs, you and the teachers used to always take my incessant feedback positively. I mean I never heard of a school sharing recipes of their food to parents, so that they can try it out at home. And speaking about the food, we really had the best healthy cake in the Indiranagar center ever.

Lastly, I have to specially thank you for always being there for anything and everything regarding Sreenika. And you’re continuing to do the same. You were just amazing! I can’t write enough to thank you.

I sincerely think that Kara was a blessing for Sreenika and she will always cherish her days at Kara.

I guess ‘few lines’ were not enough 🙂 Thanks again for the wonderful years,