Pre Nursery -2-3yrs

Providing your child with a stimulating learning environment where they can learn, play and grow in an engaging environment.

Nursery- 3-4yrs

A fun, hands-on approach that introduces them to the world of learning and helps them get ready for kindergarten.

Kindergarten 1 (K1) - 4-5yrs

A time of discovery, where learning about your environment and developing skills for life are at the heart of what we do.

Kindergarten 1 (K1) - 4-5yrs

A Programme designed to provide a foundation for your child's future educational success as they move through their early years.

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Are you a thoughtful parent and looking for playschools/preschools for your little one? Then look nowhere else, if you need the best kindergartens or nearby play/pre schools. Kara4Kids is the perfect place for you if you want your kid to stand out in his/her later life. As it is said- “how you begin determines how you end”, so sending your kid to a top-notch preschool is one of the reasons you should go for it.

But learning shouldn’t be the only aspect which a parent should search for, as kids of such small age have a brain sharper than a knife. Almost 90% of the brain is developed before the kid completed kindergarten.

Our Vision

Kara4Kids has a vision of creating a place for kids where we will ensure that kids are gaining abilities to create a vibrant and energized world.

Our Mission

We are on a mission of creating a loving and creative yet inclusive environment for each child in preparation for early success and school readiness.

Why Choose Kara4Kids When Looking For Preschools in Bangalore?

Kara4Kids is striving towards its goals in a Godspeed and for that reason, it has been recognized as one of the finest play schools in Bangalore by multiple education boards and parents. we have been appreciated by Global Education Awards, IDA Education Awards, and many more. It has also been enlisted in one of the top preschools in India by Education today and makes its way on the top 10 list of Bangalore’s best preschool cum day-care.

Kara4Kids has a strong group of managers who are leading entrepreneurs in the industry with a strong foundation itself. we are graduates from big institutions like IIT, and Amity University and qualified members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

we run the facility with a philosophy that an inclusive and exploratory program focusing on learning that strengthens a value and skill-based pedagogy. Their program allows keeping in mind the importance of the core needs of the child culminating into the required academic strengths. Kara4Kids has partnered up with multiple big companies like Intel, Texas Instruments, 315 WorkAvenue, etc. Apart from that Kara4kids is been located in the top four locations of Bangalore- HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Koramangala, and Cunnigham road.

What Do Kara Prechools/Playschools/Kindergarten in Bangalore Offer?

With 12+ years of experience in fostering children and giving them a warm and welcoming environment for them to learn and grow, Kara offers these four essentials which every kid needs in their early stage of life- PEDAGOGY-
What is Pedagogy?
Pedagogy is an early childhood education that is provided in both theory and practice. A practical approach helps the kids to understand better and grab the information much faster to enhance their cognitive minds. Kids need to have a meaningful relationship with the classroom to build their prior learning.

Approach & Curriculum

we have created child-centric curriculums which focus on the importance of sustenance of development and domains like- cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor integrating each one to develop a philosophy of action encouraging knowledge, attitude, and appreciation. The children evolve and focus on learning that strengthens values and a skill-based quality, wherein play infiltrates in and out of our classrooms giving rise to creative thinking and Collaboration.

Inspiration is a two-fold process where the adult and child stimulate and motivate thinking to establish the realization of a cooperative philosophy, encouraging an open-minded process. The various strands of philosophy and learning incorporated from different curricula, strengthen our belief that all children when rightly nurtured move ceaselessly ahead with a driven passion. As an independent organization, Kara’s curriculum has been designed to facilitate the entrance of our children to various boards within India and the World.


Nutritional requirements play a crucial role in a child’s growth and development. Hence, food is freshly prepared for each interval where everything is organic since it’s made from scratch; even their ketchup. With a strong emphasis on having a balanced diet, the meals include plenty of starchy carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, some protein, and dairy foods. Our crafted menus are not only approved by a Clinical Child Nutritionist but even shared with the parents in advance.

Health & Hygiene

Extreme care is given to each center’s infrastructure, to keep it hygienic by including daily deep cleaning, weekly maintenance schedules, regular replacement of learning resources, and upgradation of the environment. Standard Operating Procedures are implemented and internal guidelines are followed concerning sick children, dress code, food and mealtimes, medication, weekly feedback to parents, and affiliation to local hospitals to ensure that the Happiest Kids are indeed at Kara.


Children at Kara learn by watching, interacting, and working within an organic and nurturing environment; where classrooms have large windows that flood rooms with light and fresh air, furniture is child-friendly, walls are decorated with children’s work, and the outside areas are embellished with natural flora and fauna. The play areas at Kara4kids centers are cozy indoor and outdoor spaces designed to give each child a developmentally appropriate playing experience. It houses state-of-the-art facilities like a 4,500 square feet play area; rock climbing; jungle gym; indoor track to ride tricycles, bikes, and cars; and an international sand pit.

As appropriate as the physical environment, even the emotional environment is safe, and nurturing, focuses on the building of relationships, and is bolstered by tender love and care.

Apart from creating an inclusive environment for the kids at the facility Kara4Kids also provide home extension activities. Parents will not have to look forward to numerous YouTube channels and going through plenty of articles to figure out training activities we can provide to their kids at home.

Kara4Kids also created an Enrichment program web series for parents and kids which we can watch and learn and try at home in their leisure time.
We Know what your Child needs

Our Core Values

Our centres spell a home-like charm, aura, and ambience. Set afoot and see what it feels like.


As your child takes the first step away from home, he/she is not alone. With our spidey-vision and our ever-caring attention, your child is in safe hands Adult Child ratio for: Infants - 1:1 | Preschool & Daycare - 1:4 | Toddler Care - 1:2


Early childhood education has a profound impact on brain development, so enhancing the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development of children is necessary to lead them to a future to be lifelong learners.


Children need healthy food to meet their developmental needs. Hence, meals at Kara are cooked in-house and nutritionally sound; even our ketchup. That includes plenty of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, some protein, and dairy foods.


Our classrooms have child friendly furniture with large windows that flood rooms with light and fresh air. Kara4kids centers have cozy indoor and outdoor spaces designed to give each child a developmentally appropriate playing experience.
Personalized approach across all centres


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Nurturing your Child's potential

Extra Curricular Activities

Here are a host of classes and activities that will stimulate your child’s abilities.


To develop your child’s sense of space, time, flow, and rhythm.

Adventure Sports

To develop your child’s physical strength and endurance.


To develop your child’s Mental strength and endurance.


To activate your child’s ability to decode letters into sounds.


Drama helps children learn about teamwork and boosts emotional intelligence.

Art & Story

To kindle and bring out the Picasso in your child.

Early education for your child, on the right foot..!

Fostering your child in a warm, conducive, and nurturing environment is our crowning glory.
Learning at kara


A simple way to best start to your child’s education, to prepare them in the best possible way for the long adventure ahead.

Pre Nursery -2-3yrs
Nursery- 3-4yrs
Kindergarten 1 (K1) - 4-5yrs
Kindergarten 2 (K2)- 5-6ys

Premium preschools nurturing and shaping several young hearts and minds over the years. Our teachers and staff members are highly trained in managing and teaching kids which prepares them for a sound and secure future.
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Infant & toddler care
After School care
Emergency Daycare

As startling as it may seem, by the age of three, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed. Thus, KARA enhances the growth of their mental foundation by creating an environment that stimulates learning and reflection.
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We at Kara strongly believe in the philosophical practice of creating a porous environment where the special-needs and the mainstream children live, learn, and play together. all children requiring differential education and learning support, learn within a natural, inclusive, and holistic environment.
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The first time never comes again. We intend to make it really special for all the mommies and their little cuties. Enjoy your kid’s cuteness with the Rhyme Time, while you check out your child exploring creativity with our Art Activities. Also, get ready to have fun with some Language Games. See your kid in action as they get on with Motor Skill Activities. Just enjoy the moment with Free Play.
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Many Children, Many Stories

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our Kindergarten to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.
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    - Generally, a kid should start going to preschool as early as 3 years to 5 years. But it also depends on the parents if we want early admission we we can start kindergarten from 1.5-2 years as well.
    - Kara4Kids follows the Montessori preschool curriculum.
    - Kara4Kids takes the security of the kids very seriously. We don’t allow any unapproved person in our facility to roam around and we make sure that we hand over the kids back to their parents only. We have a 24*7 real-time camera facing each corner of the facility which monitors every person including kids for their safety.
    - Yes, in every facility we provide meals that are made from completely organic foods and prepared fresh at every interval.
    - We provide multiple activities like- Dance 7 Drama, Arts & Crafts, Story-telling, phonetics, homework clubs, and adventure sports.


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