Every coin has two sides. Similarly, every gadget has its pros and cons. Children using mobile phone has always been up for a debate. And it will be there for a while. Mobile is without a doubt one of the best devices you can have. Having said that you need proper supervision when you let your child use a mobile phone and keeping it minimal is always recommended.

Of course, there are plenty of uses of mobile that can be derived by your child. But, nothing beats the first hand experience of playing real games, making friends, thinking creatively and so on.

Allow your child to stick around mobiles only when needed and not just to get them off your hook so that you can relax for some time. Want to know why your child should not be addicted to mobile phones? Just keep scrolling down.



Easy trap

Children are also targeted by mobile companies and come up with a strategy to attract them. They have specific designs that get the attention of your child. Once they find it cool, they might start demanding for it. However, do not let them make you weak and your child needs to know that you are not a pushover and things won’t be done just because they would be upset.

Impact on academics

The first thing that gets affected by mobile addiction is your child’s academics. Ensure your child isn’t glued to mobile phones while studying. If they need a break, ask them to go out and play or get them involved in some fun activities instead of engaging them with mobiles. Find a way to show them there are cooler games than the ones in mobile phones.

Effects on their health

Many studies have concluded that mobile phones should be given to children above sixteen. Young minds can be affected when there is an overuse of mobile phones. The brain in young children is too sensitive to deal with the radiations of the mobile network and as a result, they may experience fatigue, headache, loss of sleep, memory loss, ringing ears, and joint pains. Experts also believe that there is a connection between childhood cancer and mobile phone usage among children.

Social life

Mobiles are no longer a device used for communication. They have become a symbol of social status and young children buy this theory easily. Some children are so obsessed with phones that they just want the best version at their disposal. Once they have the phone they get active on social media or just browse stuff and get completely isolated from people. You definitely don’t want your son/daughter to be a gadget geek over an innocent little one.

Misuse of mobile phones

Internet is uncontrollable and it is up to the user to decide how he/she uses it. It becomes an understatement to tell you that your child may be exposed to inappropriate things on the internet. Also, the violent and crazy games online can drive children to experiment with certain things in real life which takes their attention away from their learning.

Parents Corner

So, what is that you as a parent should be doing? Just try and keep them away from the mobile until they are good enough to use a phone by themselves. It doesn’t mean you should completely get the thing away from them because we know there will be times where you child has to use a phone and there is no escape from it practically. When there is a need for a mobile usage then ensure you keep an eye on your child.


Although there are disadvantages, children can also react positively to phones. Some of them learn their rhymes quickly, develop story-telling, learn things, and create interesting stuff on mobiles. So keep it to a minimum level and help them stay away from the addiction.

Allow your child to use the phones only when there is a case of learning. Let them use it in the presence of adult supervision and with time restrictions. Let them go out and have some fun which will help them make great memories.