Geetika Chopra & Suheer Chopra

My interactions with Kara has been an experience to share with all the parents. My daughter Tara is almost 4 now. While I keep congratulating and thanking the staff pretty much on a daily basis I felt that I must pen some thoughts down indeed! We relocated from Gurgaon in July 2013 and I started scouting for appropriate preschools from there.. taking references and searching. I came accross Kara amongst others in the area I was keen on. Started by talking to our very own Meenu mam and just got that vibe I was looking for 🙂 She is warm and welcome and you would want your children to be in that space. Without seeing the school and meeting anyone from Gurgaon I blocked a seat for Tara online. We were hesitant but somewhat sure as well with the reviews I had gathered. Within a week of reaching Bangalore, Tara was settled in the school and we were delighted as Tara found her second home in new city. And Nani as everyone fondly calls Meenu mam was of great support. “Dont worry, I’ll take care of Tara” meant a lot and still holds!  Not just proper nutrition, the unbeatable staff, security and all the fun children have with the functions and dancing, the school also has a good focus on shaping the child academically in a organised manner. My younger daughter is all set to join this year and I am looking forward to it. Many thanks to Meenu mam, Kala didi, Beula didi, Shilpa didi, Anshul Bhaiya and all the others who give valuable time, love and care to our children 🙂 Great going and keep it up!