Archana & Krishna Kumar

“Who does not like a bit of extra icing on their cake?” It removed much of burden from my shoulders when we started staying next to Kara. What can be more reliving to have a kid at home and staying next to a play school? With my son going to Kara, he has got the best of the experience in his comfort zone. Surely, “Kara has turned out be a second home for my son”. Thank you, Kara-HSR.


 “When we planned to start up our own company four years ago, our first priority was to locate a reliable daycare for our son, Ansh. That is when we came across Kara. Even though we were apprehensive about the employees’ acceptance of coming this far, yet we took our chances with renting a building for our office nearby. But then, not only has our company progressed, but also our worry for Ansh has been taken care of. We are grateful to Kara, which was not only next door, but also served as a second home to him. Thank you, Kara-HSR.”