Our daughter Ananya was with Kara from 2+ to 5+(2007-2011). We were a bit sceptical at the start of the all-important 4+ whether we should continue with Kara or move to a big school. We decided that we should stay with Kara because we believed that kids in Kindergarten require the personal attention and homely environment that only Kara could provide. Our other concern was that if Kara’s curriculum will be ‘tough’ enough as we had to move her out to first grade, anyway. But we have been proved wrong in every aspect and what Kara has designed and implemented worked really well. We did not have much trouble getting admission in a reputed school for first grade as Ananya was able to take the written test with ease and the school management was very pleased with the way she handled the face to face meeting quite comfortably. She adjusted very well in her first grade and we also noticed that she was far ahead of her peers, especially in reading, cursive writing and math, because of the curriculum at Kara.


Strengthened by this positive experience, we made a strong decision to do the same way with our younger one, as well. She started Kara for her 3+(2011) and is completing 5+ this year. She has also gotten admission for first grade without any difficulty.


We are very grateful to Kara, as we have seen your children grow in confidence and intelligence largely due to the faculty and the safe and secure environment at Kara.