Anirudh Garudangiri

I am writing this to extend my undying gratitude towards the wonderful way in which your whole team at Kara has seamlessly onboarded Agastya.

As you’re aware Agastya had some complications when he was born and his particular medical situation needs special care and attention to help him meet his developmental milestones. As parents, from Day 1 we have always strived to provide nothing but the best for him. It was roughly 3 months ago when we started to look for schools in Bangalore who were inclusive and had the right infrastructure to provide the support for Agastya which would be key in his development

I think we must have evaluated about 10 different schools in and around Bangalore but there was always something that we weren’t satisfied with. And then one day we walked into your school in HSR layout and from the moment we stepped in we knew this was the place that Agastya could call his second home.

We were simply amazed at the infrastructure that you had in your school but what really swept us off our feet is the caring nature in which all of your staff members, from the teachers to the security guards interacted with Agastya. They have been loving, caring, understanding and most importantly make a Herculean effort to support Agastya the way HE needs to be supported.

I am in awe of all of the effort that your team puts in. A boy who had never been to school just took 3 days to get used to it, so much so that when we come to drop him off now he tells us to go away and walks in and walks out with a big smile on his face.

Thank you for taking care of our son as if he were your own. And giving us such a great relief that we don’t have a single worry when we drop him off.

Please convey our sincerest regards to all of your staff and your management.

We love Kara4Kids and it’s absolutely true, the Happiest Kids are At Kara!

Undying gratitude and love,
Anirudh Garudangiri (father)
Mayuri Paul Garudangiri (mother)
Agastya Paul Garudangiri (the happiest kid we know and our loving son)
And Lily (our beagle who was probably more anxious than us as to where Agastya disappears to every day and who now waits eagerly for Agastya to come back)