Implementing the rhythm of childhood

In compliance with the principles of brain-based learning and the fact that there are periods during the day when our brains function at their optimum, each day at Kara is divided into blocks of time, which are then integrated with each child's Rhythm.of. Childhood, to ensure maximum learning:

  • Framed Learning:
    Welcome and introduction and review of academic content and new concepts/skills.
  • Negotiated Learning:
    Children are given a choice of multi-sensorial activities to experience and complete according to their learning style, as an opportunity to practise and hone new skills at their own pace
  • Collaborative Learning:
    Time for discovery and the development of important life skills; children work within mixed age groups on a range of interactive science experiments and more . .
  • Extended & Accelerated Learning:
    Led by Kara’s trained faculty and external facilitators, this custom-designed format works to support those students* (*gifted and/or with customized learning requirements), who wish to augment specific areas of individual performance and learning

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