• Tuition fees (applicable for all programmes), do not include the weeks Kara operates its KiNDERkamps’ programmes, as well as KiNDERklasses, KiNDERkhana, Sports/Annual Day, KiNDERbus, Bags and Caps. Please check with respective Head of Centre for details on the same.
  • Kara’s KiNDERgarten programme runs between 8.30 am and 3.00pm. It is compulsory for children to stay for the entire duration of this programme. Parents will be discouraged from taking their children early as this will have a significant impact on both the child’s attendance percentage (80% min required), and learning.
  • KiNDERstop is a short-term option that is available for a maximum period of 3 months ONLY, and is not extendable under any circumstances, unless by agreement with Kara’s Management.
    NOTE: KiNDERstop is a non-academic programme ONLY for children based locally on a temporary basis. Kara will not provide a KiNDERplanner, curriculum material or formative assessment of the child during this period.
  • Parents wishing to extend/change their child’s timing and/or programme during the course of the academic year, need to contact their respective Head of Centre for details. This can only be done subject to availability of seats in the requested option.
  • Parents seeking admission for their child during the academic year - between the months October to March - for Kara’s programmes KiNDERtots, KiNDERgarten and KiNDERsupport only, will be eligible for a 25% discount on the published fee(s). This discount does NOT include registration, maintenance and refundable deposit.
  • Kara strives to provide a safe environment and the organization has taken ample precautionary steps to prevent any bodily injury at its premises. Nevertheless, it is a part of every child’s life to come across bumps, bruises and other accidents during childhood. The organization requires all parents to sign a form indemnifying Kara from any responsibility for any bodily injury or any other kind of injury that may be caused to a child whilst at, or whilst travelling to and/or from the School.
  • Kara also requires that every child is insured under a recognized (Insurance Regulatory Authority of India), General Life Insurance scheme, Medical Insurance scheme & Accident Insurance scheme and he/she will remain under full cover whilst registered at Kara.

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