Our Facilities

The Play Area at Kara4Kids (Hide &Peek )Centre is a cosy indoor & outdoor space designed to give each child a developmentally appropriate playing experience. The following amenities are available at our Centre:

  • 4500 square feet area
  • Rock Climbing
  • Jungle Gym consisting of a large ball pool, trampoline, monkey bars, a slide and our specially designed wind tunnel.
  • Outdoor Tree House
  • Swings
  • Indoor track to ride tricycles, bikes and cars
  • An international Sand pit
  • Pretend Play area with all the latest equipment (Kitchen, House etc.)
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Soft Play Unit including a mini ball pool, soft animals for the children to ride, Rainbow Bridge and much more.
  • Library for children of all the varying age groups
  • Puzzle Corner
  • A separate cafeteria space for the children to use.

Play center Drop-ins

A common problem most of us Parents have to face : ‘Mom I am bored’….because children have so much energy which has to be expended somehow ! So why not drop your child off at Kara where he/she will have an opportunity to play all day long and will be looked after by our trained staff, whilst you finish up chores at home or grab a coffee with your friends !

For detailed information on the facilities please contact:
Tel : +91.80.4096.7236/37
Mobile : +91.97433.33601
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