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Dear Nani

Please find my sentiments below –

Awiral’s transition from a shy, cry baby to an outspoken 5 year would not have been possible so smoothly without the support and love of dedicated Kara team. Each and every didi in Kara is special…be it Kanchan’s immense patience and understanding while starting him on food, or Mercy’s potty training techniques, Pallavi’s way of imparting knowledge and teaching so that they remember, Josephine and Beula’s lending ear always for their nonstop chatter. The other day he told me - Mummy you don’t teach me as much as Pallavi didi does!!.
If not for Kara which is more than his own home, we would have never been so much at peace at work.
For all parents - something which I read in a mom’s blog 5 years back when my hunt for the perfect day care was on, has always remained with me and helped me - Day care is not like your every other service industry or service provider where you give money and expect perfect service thinking your job is done. It’s about love, nurturing ,making mistakes but still building and keeping the trust from their end and from our end its about investing faith and patience to make it a successful choice. Kara, I feel, has always done its best to keep my child happy , safe and nurtured.
Any mention of Kara is not possible without remembering “Nani” who I feel has the toughest job of keeping all motivated and disciplined and still always has a smile for us whenever we have met her!!

Warm Regards
Surabhi Saloni / Onkar Shahi

Suheer Chopra

My interactions with Kara has been an experience to share with all the parents. My daughter Tara is almost 4 now. While I keep congratulating and thanking the staff pretty much on a daily basis I felt that I must pen some thoughts down indeed! We relocated from Gurgaon in July 2013 and I started scouting for appropriate preschools from there.. taking references and searching. I came accross Kara amongst others in the area I was keen on. Started by talking to our very own Meenu mam and just got that vibe I was looking for :) She is warm and welcome and you would want your children to be in that space. Without seeing the school and meeting anyone from Gurgaon I blocked a seat for Tara online. We were hesitant but somewhat sure as well with the reviews I had gathered. Within a week of reaching Bangalore, Tara was settled in the school and we were delighted as Tara found her second home in new city. And Nani as everyone fondly calls Meenu mam was of great support. "Dont worry, I'll take care of Tara" meant a lot and still holds! Not just proper nutrition, the unbeatable staff, security and all the fun children have with the functions and dancing, the school also has a good focus on shaping the child academically in a organised manner. My younger daughter is all set to join this year and I am looking forward to it. Many thanks to Meenu mam, Kala didi, Beula didi, Shilpa didi, Anshul Bhaiya and all the others who give valuable time, love and care to our children :) Great going and keep it up!

Warm Regards
Geetika Chopra / Suheer Chopra

Dear Meenu ji,

Our daughter Ananya was with Kara from 2+ to 5+(2007-2011). We were a bit sceptical at the start of the all-important 4+ whether we should continue with Kara or move to a big school. We decided that we should stay with Kara because we believed that kids in Kindergarten require the personal attention and homely environment that only Kara could provide. Our other concern was that if Kara’s curriculum will be 'tough' enough as we had to move her out to first grade, anyway. But we have been proved wrong in every aspect and what Kara has designed and implemented worked really well. We did not have much trouble getting admission in a reputed school for first grade as Ananya was able to take the written test with ease and the school management was very pleased with the way she handled the face to face meeting quite comfortably. She adjusted very well in her first grade and we also noticed that she was far ahead of her peers, especially in reading, cursive writing and math, because of the curriculum at Kara.
Strengthened by this positive experience, we made a strong decision to do the same way with our younger one, as well. She started Kara for her 3+(2011) and is completing 5+ this year. She has also gotten admission for first grade without any difficulty..
We are very grateful to Kara, as we have seen your children grow in confidence and intelligence largely due to the faculty and the safe and secure environment at Kara.

Warm Regards
Anitha/Anand Xavier

Dear All,

“Who does not like a bit of extra icing on their cake?” It removed much of burden from my shoulders when we started staying next to Kara. What can be more reliving to have a kid at home and staying next to a play school? With my son going to Kara, he has got the best of the experience in his comfort zone. Surely, “Kara has turned out be a second home for my son”. .
Thank you, Kara-HSR.
“When we planned to start up our own company four years ago, our first priority was to locate a reliable daycare for our son, Ansh. That is when we came across Kara. Even though we were apprehensive about the employees’ acceptance of coming this far, yet we took our chances with renting a building for our office nearby. But then, not only has our company progressed, but also our worry for Ansh has been taken care of. We are grateful to Kara, which was not only next door, but also served as a second home to him.
Thank you, Kara-HSR.”

With Love,
Archana/Krishna Kumar

Team Kara

I would like to express my gratitude towards the tireless efforts of the people of Kara who care for children of working parents. To me Kara is not just a day care it is a Personification of love, care and trust. Truly, a second home for Jayani my bundle of Joy . I returned to work when Jayani was a little baby and although that was extremely hard for me to do, knowing
Kara always lends an extra hand when you just need it . ..
. Very Recently when Jayani's main school denied her a half day leave, One call to Minu Ma'm and her calm assurance was soothing to my frayed nerves.
Minu ma'm took charge, assured us Jayani will be take care of even if it late. Jayani had missed her lunch at school and Minu Ma'm gave her hot lunch when the school bus dropped her at 4 PM.
As always, Kara's care was exemplary and strengthened our belief in Kara. My expectations have been exceeded with the level of care she has received from your establishment.
Once again I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the care you take in guarding and nurturing my child ..
Keep it up Minu Ma'm and Team Kara. Care is what Kara stands for.

Best Regards,
Jayani 7+ Day Care HSR
Rao, Bhavana

Dear Meenu-ji and team,

Asha and I wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude for the wonderful care received by our toddler son Partha at Kara4Kids HSR Layout center.
Kara was Partha's first day care experience and occurred during our vacation to India. Nevertheless, it has left a very happy and lasting impression on both Partha and us. We were looking for temporary care for Partha while we were on a vacation in Bangalore. Meenu-ji was very helpful and welcoming. Meenu-ji made us feel that Kara was there to help. She always was very accommodating to us and delivered the best service without any expectations. She gave us such a great orientation that we had made up our mind to enroll Partha in less than a hour! Partha entered the class lead by Kanchan, Mercy who gave him wonderful love, care, attention and coaching. The proof is this - even though we are back in the US for a few weeks now, Partha has not forgotten his care-givers at Kara, especially his "favorite class teacher", who is also his very first teacher, Kanchan didi. Every day, Partha tells us "let's go see "Kanchan didi" !. He also recalls "Mercy" and "Jasmine" daily. Now Partha is enrolled in a regular day-care here, but not a day passes without him recalling your names and reminding us of the the spellings of your names The care-givers at Kara have the loving personal touch that is so important to nourish young children. We found the facilities matching those of international day-care centers. The play center is superb!. The curriculum is very well done. Vegetarian food was very important to us.
The Kara experience has especially given our child the confidence to adjust in regular day care here in the US. We are very grateful and appreciative to you, Meenu-ji, loving Kanchan didi, Mercy, Jasmine and the rest of your team. We would whole-hearted recommend Kara4Kids to any parent looking for day-care for their dear children. Best wishes that all of you thrive at Kara, and hoping more children benefit from your care like our child did. We will always keep in touch with you all....even when Partha is a grandfather:-)

Warm regards,
Ranga and Asha
Partha's parents
Wouldn't have been possible without you, Kara!!

Dear Meenuji,

We have been associated with Kara for the past eight plus years for both our daughters, and we have a very good experience with Kara. Our first one went to the Dollars Colony and the Jayamahal branches, and our second one was in Jayamahal and is now in the HSR Layout branch. The schools are safe, clean and hygienic places, and the staff at all these places are pleasant, courteous, well trained and very organized. They teach the right things in the right way!! We personally find that this goes a long way in enriching their cognitive and intellectual abilities, and they get recognized well when they join the mainstream schools. Both my daughters have happy memories and very nice things to say about the school, their friends, teachers and the didis. We would like to thank all the staff, teachers and everyone at Kara for creating such a healthy, positive, productive environment for our kids and for so many other kids to grow up, and would strongly recommend the school to all parents who want the best for their children.

Thanks and Regards
Gayathry and Manikandan

What makes the Kara Difference ?

Day care facilities provide services to children. A good day care provides services to children and their parents. By choosing Kara4Kids for my family, I choose a place that provides my daughter with a safe, fun place to spend her time away from us, which also provides many services that make life easier for working parents. Being open on most days (particularly when schools are closed but my company isn’t, pre-schooling, fun daily activities, dance classes, summer camps, extended timings. The list of services Kara4Kids provides is long. I’d recommend Kara4Kids to any parent in need of a day care...

Janakiraman S. Texas Instruments.

Dear Mercy,

As this academic year comes to an end we would like to THANK you, Rustumji, Tina n all the staff of Kara Indiranagar for making it a fun filled yet, educative year for our little one Avanish. We as parents have had a wonderful experience with this institution. To be very honest, initially we did have a little apprehension being totally new . But, the entire process of settling him in, potty training, teaching him to be independent turned out to be very smooth and wonderful experience for all of us. Kara has been a second home for my little one. He is in love with Kara.
Thank you so much for working on him at an individual level and bringing out the best in him. We truly appreciate the openness and warmth shown by Kara as an institution towards all the kids n parents. It had been a tough decision to move Avanish out...but, we will definitely be back for summer camps or any other fests/competitions/after school activities.
Thanks once again.

Padma/Madhukar N Dhakappa

Hi Savita,

I would like to thank you and your team (Sumanna, Preja, Spoorthi, Deepa, Lata didi and all other didis) for taking time to be with Shaurya, for the patience it requires to truly connect with him, for listening and understanding to all the ways he communicates, for encouraging him to laugh and learn, for comforting him when he cries, for forgiving him (and us) with all his behaviour, for changing explosive diapers, cleaning up his messes, for turning him into a good eater, for taking care of my little boy who is always ready to run. and of course, for giving him group opportunity to socialise and explore. Opening doors of his knowladge, unlocking his potential... And the list goes on...
Just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, you gave me a surprise of joy, He called me Mama yesterday, :) you probably can't imagine how emotional I was, I am, at that moment. I am really short of words to describe the feeling n almost in tears... Waited quite long though to hear this word from him, but I guess it was worth waiting.. I don't know how to thank you all enough for this.... Definitely "the happiest kids are at Kara"
Thankyou all again for all the support and care, keep surprising me.. ;)


Dear Rustumji,

It was really good to see you yesterday.
Couldn't talk to you much though, but I wish to acknowledge you that I genuinely appreciate all the efforts Team Kara is putting everyday for my kids. I am really glad that I made a choice to move to India and selected Kara for my kids. I wanted to share a video of Arya with you :),unfortunately not able to attach it. But would like to take an opportunity to thank (Mercy, Malar, Padma, Jaya and everyone) for taking such good care of my little Prince. It feels great to see my kid growing n learning.
I have witnessed a lot of dedication, affection and care for both my kids from team Kara. Would really like to thank everyone from bottem of my heart for helping me raise my most valuable possession Shaurya and Arya, I can't tell you how much easier it makes life knowing that you can trust the people caring for your child.

Thanks again.
Shaurya & Arya's mother.

Dear Teachers and Friends

We'd like to thank you for sharing wonderful time with us at Kara.
These 2 years are precious memories for Momoka.
When Momoka came to Bangalore, she was 3years old, she couldn't speak English at all. But now, she is 5years old, she can talk to teachers and her friends, count numbers, write the alphabets and sing the songs in English. That's amazing!
We deeply appreciate your kindness and big support.
We are moving back to Japan.
Momoka loves Kara and India so much, so she will miss teachers and friends.
We will never forget about you.

Thanks again.
Akihiro UI
Kayo UI
Momoka UI
Haruhito UI

Dear staff and teachers Kara for Kids

My little girl, Tamaki had wonderful time at Kara for kids.
How do I thank you for what you’ve done for her last three years?
You welcomed my child into your classroom with your arms wide open.
You start every morning with a song and dance, you have taught her so many wonderful things!
She finds incredible joy in learning. She has learnt so much more than numeracy and literacy..
Under your care, she has learned empathy. She has learned patience and love. She has experienced the intense warmth. You have given my little girl an incredibly rock-solid start to her school career.

My simple ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate. But, THANK YOU !!!
Yuki OE

Dear Mercy,

We would take this opportunity to thank all the didi's at Kara Indranagar for making Siddhu's first experience at school a great joy andpleasure! We have seen tremendous growth in his skills and personality and that would not have been possible without Kara and its caring staff.
We wish Kara a wonderful and fun filled academic year and once again thank all of you for the support and guidance you have offered us.

Sangeetha and Karthik
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