• 1. Language Development – to understand how to comprehend, speak, read and write; to communicate.

  • 2. Scientific Development – to understand how to explore, to classify and observe the world in which we live; to question.

  • 3. Creative Development – to understand how to take risks and experiment by applying new ‘learning’ to different applications; to design.

  • 4. Mathematical Development – to understand how to estimate, calculate and enumerate; to think.

  • 5. Social Development – to understand how to manage relationships, to function successfully within a social context; family, school and community; to thrive.

  • 6. Physical Development – to understand the senses and respect the body through practising a healthy lifestyle; to do.

All subjects are taught using a wide range of teaching methodologies customised to meet the needs of each individual child. These theories of learning - Montessori, Reggio Emilio, Howard Gardner’s MI, Brain-based learning and Play-way – are then integrated into the Kara4Kids curriculum to ensure optimum understanding is achieved for every student. This is Learning by Design.

Kara’s Learning by Doing is then further supplemented by a range of age-appropriate workbooks and portfolios that make the levels of understanding achieved clearly visible to the child, teacher and parents.

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