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'Any training that does not include the emotions, mind and body, is incomplete….'

Kara's approach to training is multi-sensorial and experiential. Designed and implemented by the organisation's experienced team of content developers, each custom-designed module ensures that Kara's faculty is continuously supplied with the appropriate knowledge, skills and resources needed to function at the highest Global standards:

Knowledge: How to effectively translate pedagogy into an emergent, theme-based curriculum, by drawing on Kara’s continuous in-house teacher training, to ensure that the achievement of ‘deep understanding’ by each student becomes visible for all to see; teacher, parent and child.

Skills: How to implement the highest levels of professional practice through the design and implementation of effective and creative lessons, to ensure equal opportunity and respect for all stakeholders in the learning process; teacher, parent and child.

Resources: How to creatively use Kara’s environment plus the natural world around us, to facilitate individual growth and development for all members of Kara’s Kommunity; teachers, parents and children.

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