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Our Standards...In Practice

Adult: Child ratios:

  • 6+ months 1:1
  • 1+ years 1:3
  • 2+ years 1:5
  • 3+ years 1:7
  • 4+ years 1:8
  • 5+ years 1:10

Child: Area ratios:

  • 1:50 square feet (industry standards in India = 1:6 square feet)

Health, Safety and Hygiene – as per guidelines set by UK Government:

  • All members of faculty are trained in Paediatric CPR, First Aid and Crisis/Fire Management.
  • Bi-annual medical check up : Every member of the Kara team has to pass a rigorous medical covering all communicable diseases including HIV, Hepatitis, TB, Typhoid, Cholera and more
  • All learning resources use lead free paint only, are age appropriate, child friendly and conform to international standards of safety
  • Safety mats used in all play areas.
  • All students are provided with ID cards.
  • Extreme care is given to each school’s infrastructure in order to keep it safe and child friendly, including daily deep cleaning, weekly maintenance schedules, regular replacement of learning resources, on-going upgrade of environment, continuous staff evaluation and training, and more .
  • Clearly implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and internal guidelines with regard to sick children, dress code, food and mealtimes, medication, quiet time, weekly feedback to parents, affiliation to local hospitals and more . . . to ensure that the Happiest Kids are at Kara.
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