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International research confirms that young children who attend a quality extended preschool and Day Care facility generally outperform those children who do not. The reason ; children who remain at home often lack the required multi-sensorial stimuli required to incite appropriate cognitive, physical and emotional development, resulting in sensory deprivation. Plonking a child in front of a TV with a maid in attendance cannot provide the intellectual and physical development needs of a growing child.

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To counteract this, Kara provides a homely yet provocative learning environment for all its little ones – whether 6 months or 6 years – and Kara’s professional early years’ specialists use a wide range of curriculum-linked activities, games, toys and other resources within colourful and carefully designed spaces, that enable the exploration and assimilation of new experiences each day. This is Kara's unique methodology, Design.

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Using a multi-sensory approach Kara ensures that each child thrives in a constantly innovative, interesting and creative atmosphere where they feel secure and safe; nurtured physically and emotionally. This methodology ensures that each child’s development remains balanced and age appropriate.
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The implementation of comfortable routines on a daily basis - following each child’s Rhythm.of. Childhood - also helps children stay happy and healthy, as setting boundaries from a very young age provides them with the understanding of what is safe, what is right and what is enjoyable. As a consequence, the subsequent graduation into the Main Schools becomes a natural and seamless progression – where learning comes naturally - this is the Kara difference.

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