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Following The Right Learning Curve

Contrary to the images portrayed by the media, it is not the value of the toys bought or the time spent that furthers a young child's overall development ; it is in fact the QUALITY of every interaction, albeit with the environment, social relationships, sensory stimuli and more . . . So as a parent, what can you do to ensure your child is on the right learning curve?

  • Extensive research on early childhood development shows that for every child : The Stronger the start the greater the Finish”, irrespective of family context, socio-economic profile or geographic location. Therefore contrary to popular belief that the primary, middle or senior years in education have the maximum influence on a child’s development,it is in fact the early years - zero to six – that have optimum impact regarding overall success in life.Yet for most adults this period in a child’s life continues to be considered the least important on the basis that “What can they learn, they’re only babies after all?

  • It is no coincidence that during the period zero to six , a child’s brain experiences optimal growth; perhaps to process all the new things they need to learn in such a short period; how to walk, talk, read, write, socialise, play, judge, think, problem-solve, process and more . . . ? Time perhaps to ask ourselves, when was the last time we learned how to comprehend, speak, read and write a new language or develop a new physical skill like skateboarding? How long did it take us? And how easy was it ?!

  • As adults we tend to forget how difficult it is to learn things from scratch …

  • Perhaps then it’s time to look at the early years with renewed respect. Zero to Six is the most critical learning window in each child’s life; too important a time-frame to be lost sitting at home in front of a TV !

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