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Our Partnership


The team at Kara believes that all children are ‘special’ and deserve equal opportunity to fulfill their true potential. For this purpose, Kara4kids has partnered exclusively with the highly regarded Octave Hearing and Speech centre ( to develop the “EARLY START INTERVENTION and INTEGRATION” programme for preschool children.

Our Preschool Programme for Special Needs children

The programme provides therapy and special education services along with assisting classroom teachers to include children with special needs in a typical classroom. Our innovative practices include

  • Adapting the curriculum, teaching, and providing additional support or material resources if required to stimulate efficient and effective learning for the children with special needs.
  • Training/ Supporting classroom teachers/supporting staff to develop the pedagogical skills required in inclusive classrooms
  • Involving classroom teachers along in decision making on when and how to include the child in classroom.

We also conduct a range of one-on-one and small group sessions, custom-designed to meet each child’s specific requirements, between 1:00pm to 3:00pm..

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