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In search of infinite natural ability - indiviual genius

To provide young children, the best of child-care, in a warm, homely, safe and hygienic environment, to enliven all the multiple intelligences, be they cognitive, kinesthetic, musical or artistic ; to help our little ones to take the first steps to discover the amazing world in which we live, to inculcate decency and Humanistic values as part of their DNA and to build a solid foundation on which a self-confident personality can be based ; to transform shy-clingy caterpillars into bright colorful butterflies, ready to take on the world !

  • To create a flexible, organic environment that stimulates and guides a process of continuous learning and reflection; one that immerses young children in a network of emotionally safe relationships and experiences.
  • To give each child the language skills and self-confidence to cope with any situation or context.
  • To spark-off individual creativity and problem-solving and questioning skills through the research and development of curriculum, that links age appropriate domains of development with each child's respective performances of understanding and profile.
  • To design and implement creative programmes and other extra-curricular activities for young children to help discover true creative potential.
  • To seek the active participation and encourage debate between parents and educators, to help realise each child's full potential.


Our Vision

To be the best premium pre-school in Bangalore or anywhere else for that matter, with the same international standards found in such countries as the UK, US or Italy, to provide “Value for Money” to aspirational/discerning Parents, struggling to give their children, the best child-care and pre-school education which they never had. In short to give their child a Flying Start in the Rat Race called Life and to make them world-beaters.

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