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Get the Fun started with Kara Designer (Birthday)Parties !

Planning a party can be at the top of the stress list. That is definitely not the case when you Party at Kara. We have highly experienced Staff to ensure that your Party will be an unforgettable experience, for your Child as well as your Guests. You tell us the “Theme”, thereafter we take over and DO IT ALL… all you have to do is, turn up to Greet your Guests. Thereafter just relax and enjoy…The Kids get to enjoy up to three hours of fun in our PlayCentre. There are Swings, a Tree-House for little girls, Rock-climbing, Jungle-Gyms for the older kids, Bouncy Castle, Games are planned depending on the Ages and the theme ; small children get to do crafts-activities, hand-painting, mehendi, your own specially laid out and decorated Cafeteria-space, and much much more…

(We have a group of highly experienced Didi’s who will take care of the children so that the Parents can be totally free to enjoy themselves, without worrying about the child’s whereabouts…)

What is a “Designer” Birthday Party?

The key to a Designer Party is Flexibility… so that you and your Child’s imagination gets full play, to ensure that you get a Party which your Child had hitherto imagined, only in his or herdreams !

A Designer Birthday Party is an “Event” which is designed, keeping in mind each child’s individuality. We decorate the space in accordance with what your child wants to see on his or her birthday. For example if a child wants to imagine himself as “Superman” or “Little Mermaid” or another child wants to be a “Princess” or a “Barbie” for a Day, we can do it, from the Costumes, to the Music, to the Birthday Cake, to the Stationery customized with your Child’s photo. Cookies and Cupcakes can also be customised. We can also organise, personalized chocolate bars, water bottles, banners, balloons, gift tags to suit the Theme.

For detailed information on our ‘Designer Parties’ please contact:
Tel : +91.80.4096.7236/37
Mobile : +91.97433.33601


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