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Research at Reggio Emilia, RE, (one of the world’s most highly acclaimed early years’ teaching methodologies hailing from Reggio Emilio, Italy), shows that children learn with deep understanding by watching, interacting and working within an organic and nurturing environment; from the world around them.

At Kara we believe that a child’s environment can be divided into two domains:


In keeping with the RE philosophy, the physical environment at Kara is a highly effective teaching tool and much planning goes into its creation: Classrooms have large windows that flood rooms with light and fresh air. All areas incorporate open spaces that allow children to freely move around and select how they want to work. Walls are decorated with children's work, giving a strong sense of ownership and pride; "They like what I do here. They think it's important because it's on display!". Outside areas contain a wide range of child-friendly equipment and activities plus an extensive selection of natural flora and fauna.


No matter how appropriate the environment, the curriculum and the faculty, research confirms that children cannot learn or grow as per their natural potential if their emotional environment is in any way stressful or unsafe. Therefore a safe and nurturing environment that focuses on the building of relationships becomes a fundamental component in a child's learning process. To achieve this objective, the Kara team works continuously to weave together the many elements of a comprehensive programme, to create an overall environment that is stimulating yet emotionally safe; one that meets the individual learning and emotional needs of each child.

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