Kara4Kids…The philosophy behind the founding of Bangalore’s first premium, international preschool, especially for Discerning Parents, seeking the highest international standards available in the West, now in the 13th continuous year of operations...10 years under the 'Kara' banner.

Dear Friends,

When we first returned to India with young children, after 21 years in the UK (in the 90’s), we were appalled by the so-called Preschool industry at that time…Dismal Mom and Pop shops, in a Garage…all designed to keep the children “safe”, whilst Mother and Father went out to work, and that was it…

The crucial importance of the preschool years (0-6 yrs) was virtually unknown in India, certainly in Bangalore. WE SET OUT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. After over 2 years research into the “Best Practices” in the UK, US and Italy, we started the first Preschools in Bangalore, with international standards, for Discerning Parents, who understand that a good Preschool is the vital ingredient in building the CHILD’S FOUNDATION, UPON WHICH FUTURE “SUCCESS” (howsoever defined and in whichever field), can virtually be predicted.

We have now been in this field for over 13 years… 10 years under the 'Kara' banner. Kara4Kids is an established brand, with over a thousand “Graduates”, studying in some of the best Schools in India and all over the World. We set out to be the “Gold-Standard” in the industry and have maintained our standards, as all our 3 Centres are company-run and controlled, no Franchises.


  • A Preschool must be a Home away from Home, for all the stake-holders, be it children, Parents, Teachers or the Facilitators/Welfare Team..
  • We believe that all Children have different learning styles, some faster some slower…WE THEREFORE ADAPT TO THE CHILD and not the other way around. In short we treat every child as an individual and allow them to grow at his or her own pace, as long as they reach the end-destination. This is possible because we have arguably the highest Child-Adult ratio in the country and the resources to back it...
  • We believe that Children should be allowed to be “Children” for as long as possible…what is the hurry to rob them of their innocence/childhood ?
  • We believe learning must be FUN and not a drudge…Our highly evolved curriculum, makes sure there is plenty of time for Play and the development of all the Multiple Intelligencies : kinetic, aesthetic, musical, theatrical, numerical etc
  • Unlike many Preschools we believe in an Open-Door Policy, that is any Parent can visit us at any time, to see how their child is doing.
  • We believe that a structured Sports programme (led by professionals), is as important as a structured education curriculum.
  • Our extended Day Care (up to 6:30 pm) is highly structured and children are kept busy with intellectual and physical pursuits ; an “idle child is a devil’s workshop” ! Our Home Work club takes care of the children’s Projects, Assignments, Tests etc so that Tired Parents do not have to cope with these matters when they come home and can just enjoy the evening with their children.
  • We cater to the complete range of Boards including IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, IB and Cambridge and will align your child to your target school.
  • We engender CURIOSITY in every child and make them Lifelong Learners… for as Socrates said : An unexamined Life is not worth Living.
  • We have Parents from all the top Corporates in Bangalore including top Professionals, Entrepreneurs, successful Businessmen etc. As a consequence your child will be rubbing shoulders on a daily basis, with some of the brightest kids in Bangalore…the result : your children gain in social poise, confidence and leadership qualities without even realizing it !
  • We have numerous NRI and ex-NRI Parents who will testify to our international standards, so that the children can move seamlessly, back and forth between Kara4Kids and Western schools.

FINALLY, WE ARE RUN AS A CORPORATION. My Co-Promoter and I are alumni of IIM and IIT. I have over 50 years corporate experience and have been Chairman of 2 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and an MD of a company Listed on the London Stock Exchange. As a consequence all our Staff are provided with corporate benefits like Provident Fund, Retirement Gratuity, Health Insurance, Annual Leave, maternity leave, annual Bonus, interest-free loans for Education, Marriage and medical emergencies etc. You will therefore not be surprised when I advise you that our Attrition Rate approaches Zero ! Happy Carers make for Happy children !

We can show you hundreds of letters from grateful Parents, complimenting us in TRANSFORMING THEIR CHILD FROM A SHY AWKWARD CATERPILLAR TO A BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT BUTTERFLY, ready to take on the world. Many of our Parents travel huge distances and make enormous financial sacrifices so that their children can be at Kara4Kids,

So if you too are convinced that only the Best will do for your child, ring any one of the numbers given below and come on over to discover, why,


With Regards,



“We know from Brain Research that the first 6 years in a child’s Life are the most important. Children are born with billions of brain cells but unless we stimulate them and develop programmes that encourage the synaptic connections between these cells, they actually die off…this is the window of opportunity to develop thinkers and lifelong learners...” Ellen Booth Church, British authority on Early Childhood Development.
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